December 14, 2009 11:17 ET

oDesk Provides Access to Full-Time Benefits for Freelance Workers

Businesses Gain Visibility and Compliance Management With oDesk Staffing

MENLO PARK, CA--(Marketwire - December 14, 2009) - oDesk, the leading marketplace for online work, today announced the availability of oDesk Staffing, a new option for freelance workers and small businesses that brings together the benefits of full-time employment with the flexibility of freelance work. oDesk Staffing gives U.S.-based freelancers access to a wide range of group health coverage options, retirement plans and education savings accounts, in addition to the automatic billing and guaranteed payment of oDesk. Through the new service, businesses can take advantage of oDesk's guaranteed accurate billing and overall savings on contractor hiring costs, while maintaining compliance with IRS regulations involving a broad range of contract work scenarios.

"Previously, freelancers have not had access to affordable and robust benefits options, including health insurance," said oDesk CEO Gary Swart. "Today, oDesk Staffing changes that -- with benefits packages that are accessible, affordable and comparable to those typically being offered by full-time employers."

oDesk Staffing provides freelancers:

* Access to Benefits - Get affordable group health and retirement benefits, without the coverage limits or pre-existing condition restrictions of individual plans.

* Flexibility - Work on the jobs you choose, set your own hours, and work within or outside of oDesk Staffing to suit your needs.

* Guaranteed Payment - Take advantage of oDesk's payment assurance that you will be paid for every hour worked, with the proven hassle-free billing and payment collection system provided by oDesk Team.

All U.S.-based freelancers can work via oDesk Staffing, and U.S.-based employers can manage staff through the service. Freelancers that average at least 30 hours per week through oDesk Staffing -- whether for one client or multiple companies -- are eligible to participate in the group health plans and other benefits.

"With oDesk Staffing, companies can take advantage of oDesk's unique system to hire, manage and pay across a wider range of work scenarios," continued Swart. "The benefits of oDesk's tools for independent contractors are now available for those hiring under W-2 classification, as well."

For businesses, oDesk Staffing brings:

* Cost Savings - Less expensive than hiring through a traditional staffing agency.

* Flexibility - Use oDesk's high-visibility management tools for both independent contractors (1099) and leased employees (W-2).

* Billing Accuracy Guarantee - Improve visibility, accountability and productivity with oDesk's assurance that every hour billed is an hour worked.

* Access to Benefits - Offer workers access to affordable, competitive group benefits plans.

"oDesk Staffing helps us deal with compliance regulations around contract work, lets us offer benefits to our workers, and also enjoy the active productivity of high-visibility online collaboration," said Jim Abolt, of VP of Human Resources at Trilogy, Inc. "Having the option to manage workers as independent contractors or as leased employees lets us hire on an as-needed basis, no matter what type of work needs to be done."

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With more than 410,000 providers in over 169 countries, oDesk ( is the leading marketplace for online work with the best business model for both buyers and providers.

For buyers: Guaranteed work -- every hour billed is an hour worked. Screen captures of each provider's desktop taken at random intervals enable buyers to audit the hours and work completed so they have confidence every hour billed by a remote team member is an hour worked. This capability also enables the buyer to collaborate more closely and re-direct the provider if necessary, much like you do when you manage by walking around your office.

For providers: Guaranteed payment -- every hour worked is an hour paid, without the hassle of invoicing or slow-paying clients, making oDesk the preferred marketplace for professional contractors including software engineers, web developers, graphic designers, writers, researchers, administrators, and customer service agents.

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