August 13, 2009 12:32 ET

oDesk's July Results: $65 Million Worth of Job Opportunities

MENLO PARK, CA--(Marketwire - August 13, 2009) - oDesk, the leading marketplace for online workteams, today announced its July 2009 results, including a record-setting amount of work posted on the site and a sharp increase in the amount of verified work completed through oDesk's system.

"Companies are seeing real value in -- and taking advantage of -- our promise of guaranteed work," said Gary Swart, oDesk's CEO. "At the same time, freelancers are flocking to oDesk's guaranteed payment and expansive marketplace of opportunities. Our explosive growth is the result of bringing the two together and creating an online work environment that enables them to build successful ongoing relationships."

How much work is available on oDesk? Jobs with estimated value of $65 million posted in July - The oDesk marketplace has doubled in size over the last year, giving providers access to an estimated $65 million worth of work opportunities posted in July alone -- five times the size of any other online work marketplace. The average job value is estimated at nearly $5,000 based the amount of work requested by employers posting jobs on oDesk and average hourly rates paid on filled jobs.

How much work is done on oDesk? Over 400,000 hours worth of work in July - A record number of hours were worked via oDesk's hourly system last month, settling in at over 400,000 total hours for July. These hours mark an increase of 110% over the same period last year, and equate to over 100,000 hours worked on oDesk each week -- nearly 10 years worth of full-time employment being completed on oDesk every day!

About oDesk Corporation

oDesk ( is the leading marketplace for online workteams with the best model for both buyers and providers:

For buyers: Guaranteed work -- every hour billed is an hour worked. Screen captures of each provider's desktop taken at random intervals enable buyers to audit the hours and work completed so they have confidence every hour billed by a remote team member is an hour worked. This capability also enables the buyer to collaborate more closely and re-direct the provider if necessary, much like you do when you manage by walking around your office.

For providers: Guaranteed payment -- every hour worked is an hour paid, without the hassle of invoicing or slow-paying clients, making oDesk the preferred marketplace for 300,000+ professional contractors including software engineers, web developers, graphic designers, writers, researchers, administrators, and customer service agents.

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