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September 30, 2013 16:31 ET

ODI Approves InHealth Mutual, Ohio's CO-OP

Ohio Department of Insurance Approves New Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan InHealth Mutual to Give Ohioans More Affordable Access to Quality Health Care

COLUMBUS, OH--(Marketwired - September 30, 2013) - Ohioans have a new option in health care coverage from a refreshingly different kind of health insurance company -- one that is a nonprofit, consumer operated and oriented plan, InHealth Mutual.

InHealth Mutual is a nonprofit health care insurer designed to welcome Ohioans inside the health care system by helping them meet their need for responsive, affordable health insurance coverage.

InHealth is different from the existing traditional insurance companies in several ways. Most notably, it's a nonprofit with a customer-service focus on individuals, small businesses and groups. Also, after the initial start-up period, InHealth will be governed by a board of directors of which the majority are members (policy holders) -- meaning ultimately, as it continues to operate, it will be built by its members for its members. Additionally, any profits will be used to either enhance benefits to members or lower premiums.

"InHealth enables Ohioans to have a hand in health care coverage that is priced fairly and accountable to them instead of shareholders because it ultimately will be consumer-governed," said Barbara Freeman, MD, chair of the board of directors and Chief Medical Officer, InHealth Mutual. "With sufficient start-up capital to build the engine we need, our solvency criteria met, and a talented team of health care industry veterans who are looking to create a better way, we are an affordable, flexible alternative to existing health care plans."

"As a CO-OP, InHealth Mutual is a unique opportunity to bring Ohioans inside the health care system. When people have access to the health care services they need through affordable health insurance, they gain a sense of security, peace of mind and overall wellbeing. It's about making a healthier Ohio for all of us," said Dr. Freeman.

CO-OPs were established by the Affordable Care Act (Section 1322) to foster the creation of new consumer-governed nonprofit health plans. To encourage the establishment of CO-OPs across the United States, the federal government provided start-up and solvency loans to eligible nonprofit organizations. InHealth is funded by a loan from the federal government for nearly $16M for start-up expenses and $113M in solvency funding, to be repaid within five and 15 years, respectively. InHealth is one of 23 CO-OPs nationwide whose formation will help drive cost savings and enhance competition. Consumers interested in learning more about InHealth Mutual can call 614-212-6004 or visit

About InHealth Mutual:

InHealth Mutual is a nonprofit insurer -- a consumer operated and oriented plan (CO-OP) -- built for members by members to provide quality, affordable health insurance that is responsive to the needs and wants of all Ohioans. It is different from the traditional insurers given its nonprofit status and focus on individuals and small businesses which will manifest in a governing board of directors that includes members (policy holders) after the initial start-up period. In addition, profits will be used to lower the cost of care, enhance benefits or decrease premiums. Being accountable to members versus stockholders is a paradigm shift InHealth believes will result in better health insurance for the people it covers. In 2014, InHealth is offering insurance products to individuals, small businesses and groups through brokers and private exchanges. This is in preparation to expand in 2015 to also offer insurance products on the Health Insurance Marketplace (Exchange). InHealth Mutual is a trade name of Coordinated Health Mutual. For more information, visit

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