June 22, 2012 13:03 ET

ODIN, LTD. Recommends Industry Prepare Now for the 2012 Hurricane Season

DEER PARK, TX--(Marketwire - Jun 22, 2012) - The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that Hurricanes Katrina and Rita caused $5B in commercial damage and warns that severe hurricanes packing winds up to 150 MPH can cause catastrophic damage to industrial plants along the Gulf Coast and even miles inland.

"Manufacturing facilities should plan and prepare now for the high winds, flooding, loss of power and supplies, disruptions and devastation that may be caused by this year's hurricane season," said Mike Mitchum with ODIN Demolition.

"To help our industrial community prepare for the upcoming hurricane season," said Mitchum, ODIN would like to share a little advice that can save a lot of liability, damage and dollars:

  • Clean up the loose items in your bone yards such as valves, process equipment, pipe, beams, sheet metal, old timbers, and idled units that can become dangerous missiles.
  • Remove items that can float such as empty storage tanks, accumulating drums or scrap piles.

"Rather than let something of value turn into a liability," said Mitchum, "ODIN will remove idled surplus, bone yards and empty storage tanks before they become a liability."

ODIN, LTD. Industrial Demolition & Asset Recovery, LLC can help manufacturers prepare before a storm by selling surplus assets and removing them from the premises. After a storm, ODIN has the expertise to help you recover value for saleable or damaged assets.

ODIN specializes in heavy industrial demolition using the latest techniques and technology for safe and economical results. Whether the plan is to shut down an entire plant or just a process line, a definitive plan must be in place. ODIN, LTD.'s demolition experts help you determine the scope, complexity and the best, most economical and safe way forward. The company's approach to demolition is to minimize the amount of materials going into landfill by channeling as much material and equipment for reuse or recycling as possible. Safety is paramount and that's why they assign a safety manager to each project to ensure all safety rules and regulations are regarded. This leaves the customer feeling confident and secure that the demolition project will be safely completed.

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