January 19, 2011 15:32 ET

ODIS Gains Acceptance by NASA and Receives a Development Contract

Breakthrough Optical Code Technology Continues to Influence Air, Space and Commercial Advances

SHELTON, CONNECTICUT--(Marketwire - Jan. 19, 2011) - ODIS Inc. announced today that it has received a development contract with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration ("NASA") that will involve a Phase I Award of $100,000. After a period of growing recognition and awards from other United States military branches, NASA has followed the Navy and the Air Force and chosen ODIS's POET platform as a preferred method to develop Optoelectronic infrastructure for RF/Optical phased arrays.

Next generation sensors in space require both optical sensing at 1.5μm and mmw sensing at 35GHz. Normally, separate emitting apertures are required for the optical and RF functions. ODIS will develop the Planar OptoElectronic Technology ("POET") to combine the RF and optical transmit beams for phased array sensors into a single monolithic circuit, with each circuit providing a pixel of the RF array. POET will also enable on-chip electronic control of both RF and optical beam steering angles. With the large number of such spacecraft sensors deployed in extended missions, a huge advantage is gained by the elimination of weight and power along with improvement in reliability.

Leon M. Pierhal, President of ODIS, explains, "Although ODIS has a history of having successfully received SBIR ("Small Business Innovation Research") grants for many years, this most recent NASA grant is quite significant because it goes a long way to indicate that various departments within the Government consider the POET process integral to meeting their future needs."

"Commercial applications could be brought to bear when the device is completed for NASA," Pierhal continued. "Compact electronically scanned phased array sensors with combined RF and optical emission have significant commercial potential in security, aviation and free space optics communication markets. These are active sensors which complement the traditional infrared and visible imagers."

POET (PlanarOptoElectric Technology) is ODIS's new and patented semiconductor fabrication process. The heart of POET is a unique and patented Group III-V materials system that supports monolithic fabrication of ICs containing active and passive optical elements, together with high-performance analog and digital elements. For the first time an economical integration of many optical devices together with dense, high-speed analog and high-speed, low-power digital elements are possible in monolithic ICs.

POET allows ODIS to fundamentally alter the landscape for a broad range of applications by offering components with dramatically lowered cost together with increased speed, density, and reliability.

About ODIS Inc.

ODIS Inc. ("Opel Defense Integrated Systems") is a Delaware Corporation headquartered in Shelton, Connecticut with offices in Rhode Island and its Research and Development facilities located on the campus of the University of Connecticut. ODIS designs communications transceivers, optoelectronic integrated platforms and infrared sensor type products for military, consumer industrial and commercial applications.

A leader in gallium arsenide III-V compound structures, the Company has been awarded 33 patents and has 17 more patents pending. For more information about ODIS Inc., please visit www.opelinc.com/odis.html

Dated: January 19, 2011

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