McKibbin’s Irish Pub

McKibbin’s Irish Pub

February 19, 2008 16:56 ET

Office de la Langue Francaise Says McKibbins Has Right to Maintain its Cultural Artifacts

Reason Prevails

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Feb. 19, 2008) - An agreement between the OLF and McKibbins is a victory for business in Quebec.

Yesterday, Co-Owner Dean Laderoute walked into what he thought would be a dragons den and instead found four people with the worst jobs in the province; the people who enforce Quebec's Charter of the French Language. During private discussions, which demonstrated mutual respect, reason prevailed, " Common sense prevailed over raw emotion in an atmosphere of understanding. Both sides expressed their views of a very controversial issue," says Dean Laderoute, who was innocently thrust into the controversy last week. There were no lawyers, no activists just Laderoute and four members of the OLF. The understanding should help both business and the OLF in the future. "In essence the agreement allows McKibbins to keep its cultural artifacts and in turn, McKibbins will ensure that all promotional material, posters and outside chalk boards conform to OLF regulations."

Laderoute, who was born in Montreal with a family history in Quebec that goes back to the 16th century, readily agrees that language and culture are vitally important to any society and deserve to be treated with understanding and respect. During his discussions with the Quebec Government body, he pointed out that in order to compete in a world that is Globalizing at an ever-increasing rate, citizens need to have the linguistic tools that are available to other successful societies. Throughout the course of the sensitive debate over the past week, Mr. Laderoute has asked for calm spirits; that all Quebekers work together to make things better and not allow fears concerning the protection of the French language divide a vibrant and enterprising peoples.

The demand for expression on the issue has led to a McKibbins web-site: Individuals can vote for change or the status quo.

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