December 01, 2010 08:31 ET

Official Launch of the Fastest, Easiest Way to Ensure Employees Are Trained to Comply With Standards Like ISO 9001

TrainingTracking.Net Fills the Gap Between Desktop Apps and Enterprise Solutions

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Dec. 1, 2010) - announced the official launch of its web-based training, tracking and compliance solution.

Designed and built by training tracking experts. is the latest creation from the team that developed TrainTrax: a popular desktop application. Because of the team's familiarity with everything required to effectively manage a training program that complies with standards like ISO 9001, contains the features QA managers, training managers and HR executives need.

Train. Users can create a powerful and sophisticated training hierarchy. Training requirements can be defined by job and employee. Courses can be required, optional or a combination.

Track. Users can track requirements, progress and qualification at multiple levels. tracks all training expenses, so users can manage and optimize their budgets.

Comply. The powerful and intuitive dashboard highlights all critical issues that could jeopardize compliance with ISO 9001, 13485, 1400, 19011 and 22000; AS9100, TS 16949, SQF 2000, OHSAS 18001, QS 9000, QS, QA, GMP, OSHA and HIPAA.

Advanced functionality unavailable in desktop apps.

Software as a Service. is web-based. There's nothing to install, upgrade or maintain. Since it can be accessed from any web browser, it is ideal for managing training programs across multiple locations and in industries where employees are not routinely in front of a computer.

Automate repetitive tasks. Most desktop training tracking applications aren't designed to manage the complexity of sophisticated training programs. They require repetitive data entry to perform routine tasks like updating a training procedure. As a result, users don't update the database until a compliance audit is imminent, defeating the purpose of having a training tracking app. automates routine tasks, drastically reducing the amount of time and effort required to update a training procedure.

Powerful reporting. Powerful standard reports allow managers to easily track the evolution of their training program over time. Users can also quickly drill down for customizable reports.

Automatic email notification. Another advantage over desktop systems is the integrated email functionality. Employees are automatically sent polite emails reminding them of their scheduled training. If the employee fails to take the training, they automatically receive a more tersely worded email. 

Straightforward pricing. Strong value. fills a gap in the market. It provides powerful features unavailable in spreadsheets and desktop training tracking software. It is priced far below enterprise Learning Management Systems and enterprise compliance applications.

Pricing is simple and straightforward, based on the number of supervisors. An unlimited number of employees, and a single supervisor, costs $US 200 per month.

Free ISO 9000 training compliance report

Companies facing an audit can receive a free report of all noncompliant employees. More information is available at

Supporting quotation

"The power of technology has exploded while the costs have plummeted," said John Peacock, CEO of, "but few of those benefits have reached the training tracking market. Companies looking to escape the limitations of desktop apps were generally forced to look at expensive enterprise solutions. Since training is fundamental to corporate success, we felt it was important to make powerful training tracking functionality available at an affordable price, starting at $US 200 per month."

About is the fastest, easiest way to ensure employees are trained to comply with standards like ISO 9001. is Software as a Service. There's nothing to install, upgrade or maintain. The application provides tremendous value. It's packed with powerful features unavailable in spreadsheets and cheap desktop training & tracking apps, but priced far below enterprise Learning Management Systems and enterprise compliance apps.

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