SOURCE: National Fuelsaver

October 29, 2013 16:05 ET

Official US Government Test Shows 58% More MPG Using Two Modifications From National Fuelsaver

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Oct 29, 2013) -  National Fuelsaver Corp / 800 LESS GAS announced today that the EPA Federal Test Procedure proved that there are two complimentary ways to increase miles per gallon by 58%. The first method gives the driver 22% more miles per gallon by introducing Platinum and Rhodium into the engine using a patented instrument that attaches to any major vacuum line this requires no tools and no electrical connections. The combination of Platinum and Rhodium increases combustion inside the engine from 68% to 90% resulting in 22% more MPG. This is the same chemistry used in catalytic converters to burn more fuel. This instrument transforms the combustion event by taking place inside the engine instead of the tailpipe. US Consumer Protection confirmed this technology as valid when Federal Judge Walter J. Skinner described the instrument as EFFECTIVE and actually exceeding the 22% advertising claims. The second method to increase miles per gallon using the EPA Federal Test Procedure gave the vehicle an additional 36% more MPG for a total of 58% more miles per gallon uses a patented Decompression Valve also called the Robinson Engine Head. This modification reduces the engines compression from 150 lbs per square inch to 60 lbs per square inch resulting in less work to drive the pistons up and down. This patented third manifold or decompression valve combined with Platinum and Rhodium injection results in taking the test vehicle from 24 MPG to 38 MPG. National Fuelsaver plans to unveil its patented decompression valve sometime in 2014 and updates on this product can be obtained by tuning into Michael Savage, radio host of The Savage Nation. Michael Savage will soon be on Primetime drive time when he takes over the time slot of Sean Hannity in January of 2014. The Platinum and Rhodium Injection instrument is available now for vehicles 2010 and all OLDER vehicles this includes all engines 2009, 2008, 2007, etc.

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