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Offtoa, Inc.

March 16, 2015 11:30 ET

Offtoa Releases Online Solution for Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs to Financially Validate Their Business

Lean Start-Ups and High Growth Entrepreneurs Meet Investor-Ready Pro Forma Financial Statements

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO--(Marketwired - March 16, 2015) - Offtoa Inc., today unveiled their proprietary software that enables start-ups and entrepreneurs to easily validate the financial viability of their business idea.

Previously start-ups and entrepreneurs had to either risk asking investors for money with no financial documents in hand, or they had to commit significant time and resources building pro forma financial statements.

Offtoa's accurate and easy-to-use solution validates business ideas financially, identifies opportunities and suggests how to fix them before asking for money. 

The CEO of Offtoa, Al Davis commented that "being able to arm start-ups and entrepreneurs quickly and easily with documents that will not only validate the business idea but will adjust with the needs of a growing business, solves a significant problem at a time when business leaders are already overwhelmed."

The business world has embraced start-ups and entrepreneurs, recognizing their ability to identify and serve needs in the market with their nimble approach. However, it is an incredibly competitive environment. Only those that intimately understand their target market and the financial infrastructure required to give their idea a chance at success will thrive.

Offtoa's SaaS platform is subscription-based. It leads entrepreneurs iteratively through a series of questions and compiles the assumptions that the user provides into packaged pro forma financial statements. 

In addition, Offtoa provides a financial analysis and a composite score that indicates where flaws may occur and how they might be fixed. The score suggests a likelihood of the business being viable and specifically what results must be achieved to increase the odds of success.

The founders of Offtoa have been in the same position several times with start-ups of their own. In building a solution they could use, they recognized the opportunity to serve the same need for other start-ups and entrepreneurs.

The name Offtoa was derived from the concept that the software would get new businesses off to a great start, however, it is not designed for one-time use. Once start-ups and entrepreneurs have validated their initial assumptions they must return to Offtoa regularly to change their assumptions to actuals. 

This enables the business leader to quickly identify where they need to make adjustments to continue to be viable, whether or not they will need to seek out further investment, and if so, how much. Using Offtoa allows businesses to pivot quickly and accurately.

"We're excited to be able to provide accurate, legal, and most of all, useful documents to start-ups and entrepreneurs of all backgrounds," Al Davis said. "Entrepreneurs wear all the hats but that doesn't always mean they look good in each one. Even for seasoned entrepreneurs, the financial hat is sometimes difficult to wear." 

Offtoa removes that burden by walking entrepreneurs through the process of asking all the questions a start-up should consider and then arming them with the knowledge they need to convince investors that they have a winning proposition. The process itself prepares entrepreneurs for investor questions about their finances, market, product and team.

"Offtoa was founded with the mission of enabling start-ups and new businesses to determine for themselves whether they have a viable business idea, long before they dive into the shark tank" said Al Davis. "We're looking forward to helping entrepreneurs make their big idea a reality."

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Offtoa Inc. is the creator of financial software designed specifically with start-ups and entrepreneurs in mind. This accurate and easy-to-use solution validates business ideas financially and identifies opportunities and how to fix them.

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