Ontario Federation of Labour

Ontario Federation of Labour

September 13, 2014 14:13 ET

OFL Welcomes NDP Federal Minimum Wage Commitment

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Sept. 13, 2014) - The Ontario Federation of Labour welcomed the announcement today by the federal NDP that, if elected, an NDP government would reinstate the federal minimum wage, lay out a path to reaching $15 per hour, and index the federal minimum wage to inflation.

OFL President Sid Ryan said that a $15 per hour federal minimum wage would send an important signal. "This would set the standard that all provincial and territorial governments should be striving to achieve," said Ryan.

"The $15 per hour target shows that the NDP recognizes that current provincial minimum wages, all of which are well beneath $15 per hour, do not provide a livable wage for workers and their families," added Ryan. "This is a progressive measure that reduces income inequality and promotes social justice."

The Ontario Federation of Labour represents 1 million workers and 54 affiliated unions, and has worked closely with community organizations to increase the Ontario minimum wage.

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