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November 13, 2008 11:45 ET

O.I. Corporation Announces Launch of Total Organic Carbon Analyzer to International Space Station

COLLEGE STATION, TX--(Marketwire - November 13, 2008) - O.I. Corporation (NASDAQ: OICO) today announced that a next-generation Total Organic Carbon Analyzer ("TOCA") is scheduled to be launched tomorrow on the Space Shuttle Endeavour to the International Space Station. OI developed the core TOCA technology for this analyzer, which will be a key component of the water recycling system that should allow the Space Station to be fully manned for the first time.

Gary Erickson, Research and Development Manager for OI, commented, "The implementation of OI's technology will allow astronauts to safely drink reclaimed water from any number of sources including condensate and urine. Once the water has been processed and purified, astronauts will use the analyzer to test organic carbon levels in the water to ensure it is safe for human consumption. Previously, water supplies on the International Space Station have been limited, and the Space Station could be only partially manned at any given time."

OI began working on the NASA project to develop a specialized TOCA for the Space Station in 2006 under a contract with Wyle Laboratories, Inc., after being selected from among a number of industry leading analytical instrument companies. OI completed and delivered a working prototype of the TOCA within six months of receiving the contract. A commercial version of this new technology is expected to be available in 2009.

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