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November 27, 2013 09:00 ET

Older Seniors Using the Latest in Video Calling Technology

Claris Healthcare launches cutting-edge video chat functionality specifically for family and home care providers to easily connect with isolated seniors

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - Nov. 27, 2013) -

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Claris Healthcare recently announced the launch of Claris Companion, an in-home communications system designed specifically for the 60 per cent of older seniors who have yet to adopt computer technology. The new system can be placed in an older senior's home and allows family and caregivers to easily display messages, reminders, health care content, and now engage in secure video calls.

"Since the launch of Claris Companion in July of this year, we have facilitated more than 40,000 interactions between seniors, their family and caregivers, and we are excited to offer an even more personal experience with our private video calling functionality," said Geof Auchinleck, co-founder and CEO of Claris Healthcare.

Caregivers simply log in to the Companion Console website from any connected mobile device or computer to start a video or audio call without having to install any additional software. Unlike traditional computers or tablets, Claris Companion is designed to be always on and ready to receive calls, so family can get in touch with their loved ones at any time.

Claris Companion uses the latest WebRTC technology to provide encrypted point-to-point calling that ensures user privacy. As a result, it is the ideal platform for health care professionals to connect with those most in need of medical monitoring; as well as supports graceful "aging in place."

"We believe everyone should be able to communicate online with friends, family and caregivers," said Paul Sharman, co-founder and COO of Claris Healthcare. "Many older generations may not be interested in learning new technologies or may be limited due to health issues such as arthritis, poor vision, hearing impairment, Parkinson's, or early-stage Alzheimer's. We developed Claris Companion to address their specific needs."

The Companion can be completely personalized remotely by caregivers, and works right out of the box without any configuration by the user. The Companion automatically displays email and text messages, notifications and reminders on its 10-inch screen. Large buttons and text and amplified sound make interaction easy; and a simplified charging dock eliminates fussy charging connectors. Family members can also receive missed medication alerts, as well as "check-in" and "call me" notifications to ensure their loved one is okay.

Further, the Companion does not deliver advertising or any other unsolicited content and only invited contacts can reach seniors on the device, making it safe and secure for all users.

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About Claris Healthcare: Claris Healthcare was founded with the goal of enabling seniors to increase connectivity with loved ones while limiting unnecessary hospital admissions. In order to achieve this goal, Claris Healthcare designs technology that shifts the typical care pathway for seniors living on their own from an ambulance ride destined for an emergency room to a preventative and interactive healthcare approach centered on overall patient wellbeing. After extensive consultation with health care workers, home care providers, retirement home operators, hospital physicians, community physicians, seniors and family members to discover what could be done to ensure seniors are able to live independently, we developed Claris Companion™, an innovative communications system that helps promote self-managed care for seniors in their homes and enable a more appropriate escalation of care including visual consultations via video conferencing to ensure they are not unnecessarily admitted to hospital.

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