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Olive Fertility Centre

October 08, 2015 18:05 ET

Olive Fertility Centre Applauds Ontario for Publicly Funding In Vitro Fertilization

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - October 08, 2015) - Olive Fertility Centre ( congratulates the Ontario government for publicly funding one cycle of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) for individuals and couples suffering from infertility. Ontario is currently the only province that directly funds IVF.

More than 350,000 Canadian couples struggle with infertility. For many, IVF is their best or only chance of getting pregnant. Yet Canada, with the exception of Ontario (and Quebec which offers tax credits), is one of the only developed countries where IVF is not publicly funded.

Dr Jason Hitkari, medical director at Olive Fertility Centre in Vancouver, BC and board member of the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society (CFAS) and Fertility Matters (formerly the Infertility Awareness Association of Canada) calls for a made-in-BC approach to providing safe fertility care for British Columbians.

"Infertility is a serious medical condition and emotionally devastating for people who are struggling to have a family. Why is it that British Columbia funds infertility testing yet won't fund the most effective treatment for infertility?" asks Dr Hitkari.

Not only would publicly funded IVF alleviate significant financial and emotional hardship for couples suffering from infertility, but economic studies show that by including a single embryo transfer policy it would be a cost savings to the public health care system.

"People see celebrities with twins and feel that is a way to have your family all at one go. But what people don't realize is that with multiples there is a higher risk of premature birth, cerebral palsy, respiratory diseases, blindness, deafness and death as compared to singleton pregnancies," says Dr Hitkari. "This puts an enormous burden on the health care system as these premature babies can be in the hospital for weeks and even months."

Olive has been performing single embryo transfers since opening its doors in 2013. "We are very proud of our success rate," says Dr Hitkari. "With new techniques like comprehensive chromosomal screening (CCS) we are able to get success rates of up to 70% with one embryo. With these kind of results, we feel confident that we can provide women with an excellent chance of getting pregnant without the higher risk of miscarriage or health problems associated with multiple pregnancy."

Dr Hitkari is hopeful that Ontario's example of funding IVF, along with the hard economic and health data, will encourage Premier Christy Clark to consider funding IVF for British Columbians struggling with fertility issues.

Olive Fertility Centre

Located in Vancouver, BC, Olive Fertility Centre is one of Western Canada's largest IVF and prenatal diagnosis centres. With an advanced IVF lab, and innovative programs that include the EmbryoScope, Comprehensive Chromosome Screening (CCS), egg freezing, and prenatal NIPT testing, Olive Fertility ( provides comprehensive fertility care to infertile couples, single women, and same-sex couples.

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