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October 25, 2006 14:06 ET

Omni Home Loan Officer Support Mechanisms Refreshing to Successful Reverse Mortgage Consultants

Omni Home Prioritizes Industry Service Levels -- A Critical Component to Any Loan Officers Resources Ensuring Financial Protection for America's Seniors Curious About Reverse Mortgages

SAN CLEMENTE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 25, 2006 --Omni Home, a reverse mortgage origination firm which specializes in providing sound financial advice and products to America's senior population, is building continued industry interest among successful loan officers looking to increase value in customer relationships. Omni Home created such a positive working environment within its offices that a new service culture automatically thrives in every loan the company closes. "It starts with the first point of contact where our loan officers leave that indelible impression on the borrower that we will close this loan for them. I am fairly certain some of our competitors can't make the same assurance," says Brett Varner, Manager at Omni Home.

Reverse mortgage products have evolved significantly since their inception, creating better options, protection and security as well as greater complexity for seniors. This is compounded by seniors' limited knowledge of available products, the loan process, or how and where to utilize available money. Funds could only come in one of two ways: lump sum or monthly payments. Still, many seniors are unaware that reverse mortgage proceeds can cover future health care costs, eliminate debt or reduce financial burdens awaiting their children. Moreover, the loan process took as much as three months to close; not a warming feeling for seniors anxiously awaiting funds they desperately need.

Omni Home takes the security of financial advice to our senior population and converts it into powerful knowledge first given through seminar classes and mailers, then, finally accentuated by the crop of professional loan consultants. Mostly, the industry manufactured a senior's decision to settle on a reverse mortgage based solely on dire financial straits. Moreover, without the right team, seniors can find the loan process confusing and drawn out. Omni Home is changing the course of that philosophy. With increasing flexibility and options, it is imperative that loan consultants are consistently armed with industry updates to be an educated resource for their clients.

What Omni Home looks for in staff and loan officer candidates parallels how a coach might judge good athletes showing great potential in becoming the best. Dave Bancroft, President of Omni Home, was quoted recently at a sales drive pronouncing, "The portion of home financing we operate in calls for integrity, honesty, you name it, we're adamant about staying the course on 'customer first' ideology. You, as the consultant, should want to play on a successful team. Omni Home needs to hire the best of the best, we'll make you better." Loan officers in the reverse mortgage segment of home finance wanting sound service levels should look no further than Omni Home.

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