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June 08, 2005 12:52 ET

Omniture Delivers Broad Organizational Standard for Web Analytics With SiteCatalyst™ 12

The SiteCatalyst Suite Radically Accelerates Organizational Success and Marketing ROI by Delivering the Right Data to the Right People at the Right Time

OREM, UT -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 8, 2005 -- Omniture, the largest and fastest-growing provider of on-demand Web analytics, today announced the immediate release of the latest version of its flagship product, SiteCatalyst 12. By making the industry's most-reliable Web data more integrated and accessible across the organization -- from the CEO to the marketing analyst -- SiteCatalyst has become the strategic driver that allows companies to align online performance with defined objectives, improve forecasting accuracy, and gain the ability to launch integrated initiatives using a single application.

Among SiteCatalyst 12's groundbreaking features are a multivariate experimentation manager that greatly expands a user's ability to measure complex testing scenarios, role-based dashboards that deliver rapid, out-of-the-box insight of role-specific key performance indicators (KPI's), "performance targeting" that superimposes business goals onto key reports so success is readily measured against those goals, and a revolutionary "Dashboard Player" that proactively pushes key dashboard reports to desktops for real-time, executive style updates. Additional groundbreaking functionality comes through complete integration with Omniture's newly announced Omniture Discover™ product that offers unprecedented exploration into data with real-time reporting across unlimited dimensions and data correlations.

Customers Enjoy Even Deeper Insight Into Critical Data

"Having real-time, actionable data at our fingertips is very important to the successful implementation of e-business campaigns," said Michael Roehricht, Senior Manager of e-business at Sonic Solutions, the leader in digital media software. "With the new version of SiteCatalyst, we will be able to assess the impact of multiple and individual page elements as well as have immediate insight into role specific KPI's. SiteCatalyst 12 provides one place to manage multiple aspects of our marketing campaigns, and will give us even deeper insight into market, revenue and conversion trends, equipping us with the data we need to quickly and easily improve our marketing efforts." Key Functionality in SiteCatalyst 12 for Driving Corporate Effectiveness

--  Experimentation Manager -- Often users are limited to performing site
    optimization based on single variable testing--making it prohibitively
    expensive in terms of time and resources to fully optimize a page.
    SiteCatalyst 12 offers the power of a multivariate testing methodology,
    based on the Taguchi Method, to enable marketers to analyze many variables
    at once and predict the optimal combination of input variables for
    maximizing target metric.
--  Role-Based Dashboards -- Out-of-the-box functionality--based on nine-
    years of collective best-practice learnings -- provides pre-configured
    intelligence dashboards for Marketing and Operations, giving them real-time
    insight into role-specific KPIs and optimizing how both casual users and
    analysts spend their time interacting with data. In addition, the look and
    feel of the dashboards as well as the ability to configure the layout and
    add additional types of content has been enhanced.
--  Calendar Events -- This feature ties specific external events with
    online activity by allowing users to visually represent important events in
    the company that can impact business performance.  Each defined event is
    shown in the time-based graphs to indicate the occurrence of that event
    during the time period.  This allows users to easily identify the
    possibility of any unusual variances during the time period, with that
    calendar event.
--  Performance Target -- With SiteCatalyst 12, users can now manage
    business objectives and goals by defining targets for KPIs.  A new set of
    views show how the business is performing against the targets and also
    alert the users on possible risks.  With Performance Target, companies can
    spend analysis time more wisely by directly focusing in on
    campaigns/pages/sections that can be optimized.
--  Dashboard Player -- The "push-based" technology of Dashboard Player
    drives a proactive system of communication through the organization. The
    Dashboard Player allows users to push their dashboard content directly to
    the desktop for a proactive -- and thus more effective -- method of
    information dissemination and visibility throughout the enterprise.  The
    player displays the dashboard content, one reportlet at a time in an
    executive presentation style.
"We constantly ask customers for feedback on what they need to be successful -- not only with their external customers, but with their internal customers as well. As the online channel becomes increasingly important to their overall business, determining and effectively using a broad organizational standard for evaluating corporate strategy is key to our customers' success," said Josh James, CEO and Co Founder of Omniture. "SiteCatalyst 12 answers that demand by delivering the functionality that will enable companies of all sizes and industries to take their online marketing efforts to the next level. This new version will give all users unprecedented insight into data and analysis that they can use to refine their marketing initiatives and drive up profits."

SiteCatalyst 12 is Omniture's latest achievement in delivering on its promise of accelerating time-to-value to its more than 450 industry-leading customers including AOL, Wal-Mart and Sears. This announcement is made in conjunction with the launch of the Omniture Discover tool that, combined with SiteCatalyst and the Omniture Data Warehouse, offers the industry's first and only third-generation on-demand Web analytics platform. For more information on Omniture Discover, please see the full release at

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Omniture, Inc., headquartered in Orem, Utah, is the pioneer of on-demand Web analytics technology that delivers the essential intelligence needed by Web commerce leaders and innovators to drive the business decisions that increase ROI. Omniture is the largest on-demand Web analytics provider by revenue, and Omniture's SiteCatalyst is the most mature and comprehensive technology on the market, offering industry leading scalability and flexibility combined with an intuitive user interface. Omniture is the only company in its market to offer a third-generation platform that combines instant response times with the power to view Web data across any dimension. In addition, Omniture offers knowledgeable professional service teams, experienced in helping customers determine the questions they must ask to arrive at the answers they require. Proof of its world-class technology and outstanding team, Omniture has the highest level of retained and satisfied customers in the market, including eBay, AOL, Wal-Mart, Gannett, Microsoft, Oracle,, GM and Hewlett-Packard.

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