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July 01, 2005 09:00 ET

Omniture Expands Web Analytics Market Leadership in Airline and Travel Industry

Omniture's SiteCatalyst™ Suite Delivers Unique Solution to Travel and Hospitality Leaders Far Beyond Traditional Shopping Cart Analysis

OREM, UT -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 1, 2005 -- Omniture, the largest and fastest-growing provider of on-demand Web analytics, today announced that more than 25 of the industry's leading travel and hospitality companies -- such as Choice Hotels International, Hyatt Hotels, JetBlue Airways,, Independence Air, TIG Global and many more -- rely on SiteCatalyst's Web analytics solution to meet their unique and varied reporting capabilities. Unlike other Web analytics solutions -- which are designed primarily to support retail metrics -- SiteCatalyst is delivering tailored solutions that allow travel sites to monitor and manage travel-specific events and Key Performance Indicators. The travel and hospitality industry represents a strong example of Omniture's broad market and solution leadership.

"We selected Omniture because they clearly understand and uniquely support the specific issues of travel sites, especially in providing quick time-to-value with revenue management," said Marc Koif, senior interactive analyst at JetBlue Airways. "Prior to implementing SiteCatalyst, all we could do is 'guess' about the needs of our customers by using historical data. Now using SiteCatalyst we are provided more information that enables us to know, in real-time, our most popular destinations which allows us to continually optimize our campaigns. Additionally, we also use the segmentation tools in SiteCatalyst to more effectively re-market, via e-mail campaigns, to targeted groups."

Unique Travel Solutions

Accessibility to real-time, relevant data through SiteCatalyst enables travel and hospitality managers and executives throughout an organization to see and respond to all the factors that influence the success of their online channel including user behaviors and preferences. SiteCatalyst provides this ability through tailored solutions for travel sites that can be quite different from traditional retail sites. For example, airlines use SiteCatalyst to answer questions, such as which destinations are seeing accelerated demand, what are the most popular departure dates, or which destination city pairings generate the best response. Hotel booking sites use SiteCatalyst to determine what class of rooms are being booked and what kinds of changes occur in conjunction with a particular season, day of the week or time of day; and can compare metrics across brands, geographies and loyalty-program versus non-loyalty customers. SiteCatalyst's flexibility, shown through its report naming and permission-setting functionality, also allows companies to customize suites of reports and dashboards so the right person receives the right information at the right time.

"Omniture's pioneering development of conversion measurement and analysis beyond the shopping cart offers proven value to the needs of travel and hospitality sites," said Josh James, CEO and co-founder of Omniture. "SiteCatalyst's flexibility allows companies to measure a return on investment in terms of increased customer loyalty, site convenience and ease-of-use, which directly impacts their profitability."

New Capabilities Out-travel the Competition

With the recent release of Omniture Discover™ and SiteCatalyst 12, the travel industry can now benefit from even more groundbreaking capabilities. Among other features, the Omniture Discover tool provides unprecedented exploration into data with One-Click Segmentation™ and real-time reporting across unlimited dimensions and data correlations. SiteCatalyst 12 offers a multivariate experimentation manager that greatly expands the ability to analyze many site variables at once and predict the optimal combination to drive success. Finally, the "push-based" Dashboard Player is a proactive system of communication through the organization, allowing users to push real-time dashboard content directly to the desktop for a proactive -- and thus more effective -- method of information dissemination and visibility throughout the enterprise.

"Being able to see and act on information in real-time helps us communicate with our clients faster and more effectively while driving up our hospitality clients' revenue and results," said Brandon Brown, vice president of Web Strategy at TIG Global (, a full-service interactive marketing company for the hospitality industry. "SiteCatalyst 12 will take our analysis capabilities to the next level with multivariate testing and unparalleled insight into the effectiveness of marketing campaigns -- greatly enhancing our ability to improve conversion rates for our hospitality clients."

About Omniture

Omniture, Inc., headquartered in Orem, Utah, is the pioneer of on-demand Web analytics technology that delivers the essential intelligence needed by Web commerce leaders and innovators to drive the business decisions that increase ROI. Omniture is the largest on-demand Web analytics provider by revenue, and Omniture's SiteCatalyst is the most mature and comprehensive technology on the market, offering industry leading scalability and flexibility combined with an intuitive user interface. Omniture is the only company in its market to offer a third-generation platform that combines instant response times with the power to view Web data across any dimension. In addition, Omniture offers knowledgeable professional service teams, experienced in helping customers determine the questions they must ask to arrive at the answers they require. Proof of its world-class technology and outstanding team, Omniture has the highest level of retained and satisfied customers in the market, including eBay, AOL, Wal-Mart, Gannett, Microsoft, Oracle, GM and Hewlett-Packard. Omniture has received numerous industry awards and accolades including Network Computing's 2004 Editor's Choice Award for Web Analytics, American Business Award for Best Sales Organization (2004, 2005), and was recognized as one of Inc. 500's Fastest-Growing Companies in North America (2003, 2004).

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