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June 08, 2005 13:03 ET

Omniture Shatters Traditional Web Analysis Boundaries With Breakthrough Omniture Discover™ Tool

Fully Integrated With the SiteCatalyst™ Suite and the Omniture Data Warehouse, Omniture Discover Drives "Exploration Momentum," Allowing Companies to Realize Business Value in Seconds, Not Days, for Increased Revenues, Conversion Rates, and Competitive Advantage

OREM, UT -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 8, 2005 -- Omniture, the largest and fastest growing provider of on-demand Web analytics, today announced the launch of Omniture Discover, creating the first and only third-generation on-demand Web analytics solution. Omniture Discover is fully integrated with SiteCatalyst and the Omniture Data Warehouse, finally making possible the combination of instant-response times with the power to view Web data across any dimension. This highly effective exploratory analysis leads to the discovery of valuable visitor segments and behavior correlations proven to positively impact business performance. Together these tools establish the third-generation online analytics platform, providing unprecedented levels of intelligence and delivering valuable insight to users of all levels of sophistication throughout the enterprise, from the casual user to the most demanding marketing analyst.

"Compared to Omniture Discover, other Web analytics tools deliver just 'reports'," said Christopher D'Alessandro, Director, Web Analytics for J. Walter Thompson. "While the premise of Web analytics has been to provide users with insights about their online business that allows them to take action, we've never had the power of dynamic segmentation that would allow us to drill down into exactly what we're looking for -- and do it in real-time. Omniture Discover allows us to analyze segments on-the-fly in order to monitor and respond to trends -- critical information that saves time and pain for our analysts and money for our clients."

Based on 11 patent-pending technologies, Omniture Discover is a boundless exploration engine that enables the breaking down of information silos created by traditional analytics packages. By answering any question for any user in the organization at any time, Omniture Discover liberates online analysts from the up-front analysis burdens and "canned-report" constraints typical of older-generation Web analytics solutions. Users gain business agility and analytical momentum by dynamically defining and creating advanced segmentation criteria and drill-down paths. As a result, marketing organizations can quickly unlock the full spectrum of online data to rapidly realize business value in seconds rather than days, resulting in increased online revenues, higher conversion rates, and a more decisive competitive advantage.

Third-Generation Offering Allows Customers to Discover New Insights Into Web Data

Omniture Discover offers functionality like "One Click Segmentation™" and advanced correlations, which provide immediately actionable insight into the root cause of underperforming campaigns. Omniture Discover also complements SiteCatalyst in multiple ways, offering new and revolutionary methods of interacting with Web data collected through SiteCatalyst and stored in the Omniture Data Warehouse. For example, an Omniture Discover user may identify a new visitor segment. This visitor segment can then be made available across all SiteCatalyst reports and can be further refined across arbitrary time periods and boundless dimensions. With Omniture Discover, marketing analysts can instantly create and explore the most profitable visitor segments, including:

--  Growth-Cycle Analysis: Instantly create segments, such as Browsers,
    one-time buyer, repeat buyers, or instant buyers, and explore each segment
    and understand, for example, why many one-time buyers do not turn into
    repeat buyers.
--  Campaign Effectiveness Analysis: Instantly define and explore campaign-
    related visitor segments, such as non-buying responders and "shopped-around-
    first" buyers. Zoom in on a campaign and analyze how responders differ in
    behavior, including the number of visits required before making a purchase.
--  Fall-Out Analysis: Explore how visitor segments, such as first-time
    visitors, behave differently in the check-out process or other critical
    paths. Increase the overall conversion rate by identifying hidden pockets
    of visitors with large drop-off rates.
"By establishing the third-generation Web analytics platform -- comprised of the new Omniture Discover tool integrated with SiteCatalyst and the Omniture Data Warehouse -- Omniture is the first Web analytics company to deliver all the critical components marketers require to achieve highly effective exploratory analysis," said Josh James, CEO and Co Founder of Omniture. "Omniture Discover goes beyond data collection and real-time reporting -- breaking down all the barriers and information silos of status-quo Web analytics offerings. It is the only comprehensive solution that empowers users to quickly and easily -- and in real-time -- define and explore new segments, understand the interplay between visitor segments and success, and then capitalize on that insight. Omniture Discover is a true innovation in Web analytics and sets a new market benchmark for online and organizational marketing analysis."

Pricing & Availability

Omniture Discover is available immediately. For more information, please contact Omniture at or contact your Omniture Account Manager.

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Omniture, Inc., headquartered in Orem, Utah, is the pioneer of on-demand Web analytics technology that delivers the essential intelligence needed by Web commerce leaders and innovators to drive the business decisions that increase ROI. Omniture is the largest on-demand Web analytics provider by revenue, and Omniture's SiteCatalyst is the most mature and comprehensive technology on the market, offering industry leading scalability and flexibility combined with an intuitive user interface. Omniture is the only company in its market to offer a third-generation platform that combines instant response times with the power to view Web data across any dimension. In addition, Omniture offers knowledgeable professional service teams, experienced in helping customers determine the questions they must ask to arrive at the answers they require. Proof of its world-class technology and outstanding team, Omniture has the highest level of retained and satisfied customers in the market, including eBay, AOL, Wal-Mart, Gannett, Microsoft, Oracle,, GM and Hewlett-Packard.

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