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November 02, 2005 08:00 ET

Omniture Strikes Strategic Alliance With GSI Commerce to Provide Analytics to Top Online Retailers

Seamless Analytics Experience Gauges Effectiveness of E-Commerce Sites, Enhances User Experience

OREM,UT -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 2, 2005 -- Omniture, the largest and fastest-growing provider of on-demand Web analytics, today announced a strategic alliance with GSI Commerce (NASDAQ: GSIC), a leading provider of e-commerce solutions for more than 50 retailers and branded manufacturers, to integrate Omniture's Web analytics software with GSI Commerce's e-commerce platform. The resulting combination is expected to provide GSI Commerce's online retail business partners with a comprehensive analytics and reporting system designed to help those partners make better strategic decisions about their online businesses and maximize their ROI.

Based on Omniture's SiteCatalyst™ 12, the latest version of the company's award-winning Web analytics tool, the two companies have developed a seamless analytics experience for measuring the Web shopping behavior of customers for GSI Commerce's online retailing partners. The metrics, such as those associated with traffic, user segmentation and e-commerce conversion build a solid information base, can help gauge the effectiveness of the e-commerce site and can be used to affect changes that enhance and maximize the online shopping experience.

"Our mission is to enable our partners to grow their online businesses faster and more profitably than they could on their own. One of the ways we accomplish that is by providing our partners with an e-commerce platform that includes best-of-breed technologies," said Steve Davis, GSI Commerce senior vice president of partner services. "After evaluating the major Web analytics players, we chose to partner with Omniture. We believe SiteCatalyst is well-geared toward dynamic Web implementations and offers the most technically complete, scalable Web analytics solution in the industry today. SiteCatalyst allows our e-commerce partners to measure the effectiveness of their online marketing efforts and gain unprecedented insight into their customers' behavior."

GSI Commerce offers e-commerce solutions to companies in seven retail categories, including apparel, health and beauty, consumer electronics, home, entertainment, jewelry and sporting goods. The company provides these solutions through an integrated e-commerce platform, which is comprised of three components: core technology, a supporting infrastructure of fulfillment and customer care, and partner services.

SiteCatalyst is a comprehensive, remotely-hosted, adaptable solution for measuring Web site traffic as well as monitoring visitor activity, advertising effectiveness, sources of sales, and e-commerce transactions. GSI Commerce provides the power of SiteCatalyst to partners through the company's integrated e-commerce platform. GSI Commerce has developed a consistent implementation strategy for deploying SiteCatalyst among its partners.

"GSI Commerce is an industry leader when it comes to delivering excellence in outsourced e-commerce - and its stellar list of partners is a testament to the superior level of service they provide," said Josh James, CEO and co-founder of Omniture. "Our partnership with GSI Commerce will afford Omniture the opportunity to expand our footprint and marquee customer base in key retail segments, by providing a solution that allows those companies to better understand their e-commerce initiatives and the effectiveness of their online activities through the power of real-time analytics."

Combining the strength of Omniture's SiteCatalyst and GSI Commerce's e-commerce platform provides a powerful offering for the marketplace. The GSI Commerce / Omniture alliance will help to create a comprehensive and deeply integrated online marketing services solution. The combined solution will capture, collect, and organize real-time information about online marketing initiatives and will provide companies with the ability to automate, measure, manage and optimize customer marketing programs in real time.

About GSI Commerce

GSI Commerce is a leading provider of e-commerce solutions that enable retailers, branded manufacturers, entertainment companies and professional sports organizations to operate e-commerce businesses. GSI Commerce provides solutions for partners through its integrated e-commerce platform, which is comprised of three components: core technology, supporting infrastructure and partner services. GSI Commerce either operates all or portions of the e-commerce businesses for approximately 50 partners.

About Omniture

Omniture, Inc., headquartered in Orem, Utah, is the pioneer of on-demand Web analytics technology that delivers the essential intelligence needed by Web commerce leaders and innovators to drive the business decisions that increase ROI. Omniture is the largest on-demand Web analytics provider by revenue, and Omniture's SiteCatalyst is the most mature and comprehensive technology on the market, offering industry leading scalability and flexibility combined with an intuitive user interface. Omniture is the only company in its market to offer a third-generation platform that combines instant response times with the power to view Web data across any dimension. In addition, Omniture offers knowledgeable professional service teams, experienced in helping customers determine the questions they must ask to arrive at the answers they require. Proof of its world-class technology and outstanding team, Omniture has the highest level of retained and satisfied customers in the market, including eBay, AOL, Wal-Mart, Gannett, Microsoft, Oracle, Ford and HP.

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