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May 18, 2016 09:00 ET

Omnity Democratizes Access to Powerful, Next-Generation Search and Discovery Tools for Science, Medicine, Engineering, Law and Finance

Labeled "Innovative" and "Groundbreaking" by National Science Foundation, Next-Generation Semantic Search and Discovery Platform Is Cost-Effective, Easy-to-Use

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - May 18, 2016) -  Omnity ( today launched the commercial version of its next-generation semantic search and discovery platform. This new research tool democratizes access to powerful data mining and analytics technology that typically requires extensive consulting engagements and high fees, often costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Omnity gives companies and institutions of all sizes the ability to instantly discover hidden patterns of interconnection within and between fields of knowledge as diverse as science, finance, law, engineering, and medicine. Discovering unexpected connections between diverse knowledge domains reveals unique insights that sharpen focus and drive innovation. Omnity is a highly intuitive, self-serve platform accessible to the individual, but capable of serving the enterprise.

"Most of us don't have the time to stay current in our own field -- much less explore other fields -- and yet innovation often occurs at the intersection of knowledge domains," said Brian Sager, Omnity co-founder and CEO. "We created Omnity to help scientists, engineers, medical professionals, lawyers and financial people cope with the explosion of data and knowledge that is happening in every field of study. Omnity is designed to be powerful yet easy to use, and is priced so that organizations large and small can access this transformative technology."

Omnity can analyze and cross-compare many millions of documents in a fraction of a second, offering a trillion-fold acceleration in knowledge discovery relative to simply reading. And, unlike conventional search, Omnity can find related documents even when they do not cite or link to one another. Consequently, Omity can detect hidden, semantic patterns that are critical to innovation and discovery for nearly all industries. In a recent study, Omnity found that more than 98% of documents that are highly semantically related nevertheless do not link to or cite one another, meaning most of these similar documents would have been missed using conventional search and knowledge discovery methods.

"Many significant scientific breakthroughs have been the result of happy accidents where a previously unseen connection suddenly comes to light," said Kary Mullis, winner of the 1993 Nobel Prize in Chemistry and advisor to Omnity. "Omnity provides a systematic way to uncover the hidden patterns within and between fields of knowledge that often drive discovery and innovation."

"Omnity's next-generation semantic search technology draws deeply on context," said Dan Jurafsky, MacArthur "Genius Grant" recipient, member of Omnity's advisory board and chair of Stanford University's Department of Linguistics. "Rather than simply listing documents from a keyword search, Omnity detects and reveals patterns of interconnectedness between documents."

Omnity is offering introductory pricing of its commercial service in five tiers with the first month free for all paid tiers:

  • Public -- Free -- includes access to encyclopedia reference content, news articles, conferences, and more, all cross-compared and semantically interconnected. Document-based queries enabled for users. A chrome extension is available for one-click search of a web page's content.
  • Academic -- Free with academic email -- Includes access to all public level content as well as to open courseware from a variety of universities, all cross-compared and semantically interconnected both to other content at the academic tier and all content at the public level. Document-based queries enabled for users. A chrome extension available for one-click search of a web page's content.
  • Professional -- $99/month/user -- Includes access to public and academic tier content, as well as specialist data add-ons each at $25/month/user each, for speciality areas including bioscience, engineering, law and finance. All documents in purchased specialist bundles cross-compared and semantically interconnected both to other content at the academic tier and all content at the public level. Document-based queries enabled for users. A chrome extension available for one-click search of a web page's content.
  • Executive -- $199/month -- Includes access to all data and features of the Professional tier and all specialist data sets fully interconnected with each other. Additional search methods include both and email - and chat-based queries as well as document-based search. A chrome extension is available for one-click search of a web page's content.
  • Enterprise -- $399/month/user + data ingestion fees -- Includes all of the data and features of the Executive tier, and allows for custom ingestion of enterprise data and ERP integration. Additional data ingestion tolls will be priced depending upon incoming data volume, velocity, variety, quality, and machine readability.

Omnity has been the recipient of multiple National Science Foundation grants that proved the core proposition of the technology, and has secured an undisclosed amount of additional private equity funding from high-net worth and institutional investors.

In a world of overflowing and ever growing big data, Omnity is designed to support efficient discovery for knowledge workers who often do not have the time to stay current in their own fields, much less explore other fields. Example applications by industry:

Law. Attorneys faced with reviewing tens of thousands or even millions of pages of material can use Omnity to rapidly analyzed documents and develop a central thesis for a legal case and immediately find the most relevant supporting evidence from amongst all documents, as well as related case law. Policymakers, lobbyists and advocacy groups can leverage Omnity to find historical precedents for legislative drafts as well as provide facts and references to support bills in progress.

Finance. Executives conducting financial deal diligence, such as that for mergers and acquisitions, can use Omnity to analyze markets, businesses, and deals. For example, querying an entire business plan in Omnity can uncover resources such as potential employees, advisors, strategic partners and target customers, reference content such as patents and technical papers, as well as potential competitors. Investment research can be supported through Omnity by systematically identifying market, sector, and company-specific content, even when such documents do not cite one another.

New Product Development. Scientists, clinicians, and engineers developing or repurposing a technology can use Omnity to reveal otherwise hidden connections between related work and uncover unexpectedly relevant technological approaches in related patents, scientific and technical papers, and conference proceedings. A proprietary global faculty database enables identification of subject matter experts across universities around the world.

About Omnity

Omnity is a next generation search and discovery tool designed to enable knowledge workers to discover otherwise hidden patterns of interconnectedness within and between fields of knowledge to reveal unique insights that sharpen focus and drive innovation. Omnity CEO and Co-Founder Brian Sager is a serial entrepreneur who holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Stanford University, was a Whitney Fellow at Harvard and MIT, and has more than 120 patents issued or pending. More information about Omnity and the five service tiers can be found at

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