SOURCE: Omnnea

June 04, 2012 11:24 ET

Omnnea Develops Its Dual Mode GSM/CDMA Tracking System

BABYLON, IRAQ--(Marketwire - Jun 4, 2012) - Omnnea responds to security challenges in Iraq and the region by developing the hardware and software necessary for a dual mode GSM/CDMA Tracking Device to meet the ever changing requirements in the region. The system, which is completely designed, developed and manufactured in Iraq, is used in addition to routine vehicle tracking features to alert drivers and remote personnel of security hazards maliciously attached to the vehicle, fire arms alarms, and various other threats. The system is designed to automatically work in conjunction with multiple networks (CDMA and GSM) to give it the maximum possible coverage and reliability. It is the first hardware wireless system to be designed and manufactured in Iraq. The system has been in development since early 2011 and is intended to deploy to users by Q3 2012.

Omnnea's GSM/CDMA dual mode tracking system was designed with the intention of giving customers the ability to alert both drivers and security personnel, monitor and respond to unforeseen security related events, thereby maximizing safety, security efficiency, monitoring driver activities, enhancing overall efficiency and most importantly address security concerns in Iraq. Omnnea's native language mapping systems will allow for unprecedented ease of use and accessibility among both Arabic and English speaking users. Real Time 24/7/365 monitoring will allow fleet owners, security details, or military users to exercise more precise control over their vehicles and more accurately assess the need for task specific security provisions. Dr. Faisal Fadul, Omnnea's CEO, stated that "We integrated all resources available in Iraq to come up with a product that can take advantage of multiple networks, both CDMA and GSM, as well as respond to unforeseen security challenges in Iraq." Omnnea's Dual mode GSM/CDMA system is designed to be employed by individual users, small businesses, corporate entities and government security agencies.

About Omnnea -- Omnnea is an Iraq-based privately held wireless, internet and data provider offering services throughout Iraq. Omnnea is currently engaged in research and development in wireless telecommunications integration and services, technology-based security services and information technology. Headquartered in Babylon province, the firm has additional offices in Baghdad, Najaf, Basra, as well as satellite offices in Herndon, Virginia. Omnnea has been operating in Iraq since 2007 and prides itself on its efforts in corporate social responsibility. For more information on Omnnea Wireless, Ltd., please visit or contact

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