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July 01, 2011 08:00 ET

On the Path Productions Provides Content for Scott & White Healthcare's "Your Health Matters"

Talk Radio: & On Demand Health Programming

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Jul 1, 2011) - Serving health and medical information seekers is the goal of On the Path Productions' flagship radio program "Life Love & Health: Special Edition." The show, appearing on, is airing a program on pediatric appendicitis that was originally created as a podcast for Scott & White Healthcare's "Your Health Matters" series.

In "Is it tummy ache or appendicitis?" the first segment of "Life Love & Health," Executive Producer Christopher Springmann interviews Dr. Danny Little, Chief of Pediatric Surgery at Scott & White Healthcare's Round Rock, TX clinic and Temple, TX hospital. Dr. Little explains how the appendix, an apparently obsolete organ with no known function in the human body, can quickly become a severe medical problem if it becomes infected. A swelling appendix, if untreated, will often rupture, spreading bacteria through the abdomen and pelvis, thereby increasing the chance of abscess after surgery. Dr. Little describes the critical 48-hour window during which watchful parents can avert a major health crisis for their child.

On-Demand Health Programming
On the Path Productions' Executive Producer Christopher Springmann sees his company at the forefront of healthcare consumer education and is always looking for new models and technologies to make health literacy more accessible and user-friendly. While producing friendly, enabling content for health providers such as Scott & White, he also looks at the market forces that are reshaping what consumers think of "talk radio."

In "Life Love & Health: Special Edition Newsmakers," the second segment of today's program, Springmann speaks with Noah Shanock, founder and CEO of Stitcher, who offers a broader definition of "talk."

"Talk is everything except music," said Springmann. "It's comedy, live sports, health and medical, commentary and documentary, poetry and prose, religious broadcasting, college commencement addresses, entertainers like Oprah... and Scott & White's 'Your Health Matters.'

" delivers on-demand talk programming directly to mobile devices and iPads," added Springmann. "And Noah is furthering the movement to bring personalized, on-demand quality and always-current talk audio content to listeners everywhere, in their cars, on the job, at home, on vacation -- at their convenience wherever they are. Essentially, he's redefined what on-demand talk programming is and isn't. He's suggesting that 'talk' is everything other than music. That's a bold concept." is personalized Internet radio, which helps listeners to discover the world beyond music, offering 5000+ shows, including news, comedy, entertainment, educational programming, and things that defy easy categories. users can get their favorite shows anywhere, any time on their mobile devices, while also discovering new shows.

"I was surprised to discover that talk radio represents 35 percent of all terrestrial radio listening," said Springmann. "It's a $5 billion piece of the $15 billion radio advertising market. Then there's Sirius XM satellite radio and Glenn Beck's new pay-for-play subscriber service, too. So why is this market segment the last holdout of the Internet revolution? Why are we only beginning to see the familiar digital shift in talk radio now? The answer is simple: unlike news, television, and music, Internet access isn't just the key to adoption. Rather, mobile Internet access itself IS the ticket!

"Besides," said Springmann, "unlike television, with visual imagery and clues to what's happening with the ads and promos, muting audio isn't an option. You asked for this audio content. It's on demand, right there in your pocket on an elegant, handy, sophisticated mobile device."

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Pets and the City
The third and fourth segments of "Life Love & Health: Special Edition" feature "Pets and the City," a lively conversation with veterinarian Mike Moran and producer/host Helen Pelzman about humans and their animal companions. Today they discuss the intricacies of the human-animal connection, the many factors that go into veterinary health decisions, and what defines a service animal.

To hear "Life Love & Health: Special Edition," tune into at 5:00 PM EDT today, July 1, 2011. Individual segments of current and previous "Your Health Matters" interviews with Scott & White specialists are currently available as podcasts at

About Scott & White Healthcare
When Arthur C. Scott, M.D. and Raleigh R. White Jr., M.D. began their medical practice in Temple, Texas in 1897, they shared one fundamental conviction: medicine must serve the people. Today, Scott & White Healthcare is a fully integrated health system -- the largest multi-specialty practice in Texas and the sixth largest group practice in the nation. Scott & White employs more than 1,100 health care providers and research scientists who care for patients covering 25,000 square miles across Central Texas.

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About On the Path Productions
On the Path Productions LLC (OPP), founded by radio personality and motivational speaker Christopher Springmann, produces popular radio broadcasts including "Life Love & Health" (America's most listened-to daily 90-second health, prevention and wellness program) and "Life Love & Health: Special Edition" (a one-hour expansion of the shorter format), as well as custom podcasts and house-branded newsmagazines. Sponsored and underwritten by leading brands, trade associations, foundations and healthcare organizations, OPP's 1000+ radio shows have reached millions of consumers, opinion leaders, policy makers and healthcare influencers via CNN, Fox and ESPN, both satellite radio networks and multiple Public Radio affiliates; major retail in-store radio; airline in-flight radio; New Media distribution including and; plus the Voice of America and American Forces Network.

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