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September 01, 2009 08:00 ET

On the Path Productions -- Health Literacy, Prevention & Wellness Programming on Demand

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - September 1, 2009) - "Life Love & Health" has announced a campaign to raise America's health literacy level with listener-friendly, easily accessible audio programming. "Our listeners have said, 'Tell me America's health story in ways I can understand, so I can take appropriate action.' And that's exactly what we do," said Christopher Springmann, Executive Producer at On the Path Productions, a San Francisco health media company.

"Yes, it's all about the information media, but especially how people find the information they need, on demand, 24/7," said Springmann, Senior Correspondent for On the Path's "Life Love & Health" radio shows, who was recently described by the BBC as "America's Healthcare Storyteller." "The past 15 years of Internet search technology have taught everyone to research by keyword rather than company or brand, and if they want to learn more about heart disease, cancer or diabetes, we want to capture their eyes and ears with something that respects both their curiosity and their time. It has to be informative and relevant."

Springmann also pointed to a shift in America's radio listening habits. "My colleague John Freeman of the Wall Street Journal's Market Watch recently spoke with Arianna Huffington about the future of media, and we're clearly thinking along the same lines," said Springmann.

In that interview, available online, Arianna Huffington, the founder of "Huffington Post," said, "The future of media is going to be social news. People are no longer just consuming news; rather, they interact, engage, share and respond to news. They comment, add links and their own brand of citizen journalism… I see the future as being free. And I don't see content behind walls succeeding unless you are offering very specialized content. And so the way to make money now is to follow the consumer, to embed your content in marketable sites."

"We've had free content from the very beginning," Springmann continued. "Millions of people tune in and hear our broadcasts, but an increasing and significant audience either streams or downloads the show. We receive constant requests for free blog-able transcripts. No problem! It's the audio TiVo-ization of America. Even guests who star on our shows often can't listen to the live broadcast. They simply 'grab it' from's site or ours, then share it with colleagues, friends and family. Why not?"

On the Path Productions' flagship offering, the 90-second "Life Love & Health" show is already available as an RSS feed in addition to its daily broadcast on terrestrial and satellite radio. "Life Love & Health: Special Edition," a weekly show airing Fridays on, is now being made available for download in 11-minute segments.

Springmann, formerly a "TIME" and "Smithsonian" photographer and print journalist with "Chief Executive," launched his broadcasting career in 2003 with "Life Love & Health." In addition to producing the radio series, he appears widely as a keynote speaker at health and media industry events. "I'm always asked, 'Where do we get out best show ideas?' Simple -- from the audience, especially the association, corporate and trade groups I speak to professionally," said Springmann. "My answer is always the same. Tell me a story that will move and touch people, a story full of compassion, empathy and surprise, and if you can do that, it's on the air. No charge!"

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