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August 17, 2009 16:20 ET

On the Path Productions -- Health Literacy & the Engaged Patient

Understanding Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke, Diabetes, Obesity and... Whole Foods?

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - August 17, 2009) - Christopher Springmann has announced a national media campaign to aggressively promote health literacy to a wider cross-section of Americans suffering from heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, and obesity.

"With a raging national debate about healthcare policy, what better time is there for directing the public focus to prevention and wellness?" asked Springmann, Executive Producer at On the Path Productions, a San Francisco health media company. "Health literacy is more than reading the diagrams and diplomas on the wall of your doctor's waiting room or remembering the names of hard-to-pronounce medications," said Springmann. "Health literacy is nothing less than educating yourself and your loved ones about how the human body optimally works, common warning signs of trouble and where to turn for advice and support in your community."

Springmann believes health literacy needs to keep up with the changing role of media in everyday life. "When you Google keywords relating to concerns about your personal well-being," he said, "you want information that's far more meaningful than unsupported marketing claims or tabloid stories about celebrity excess."

Springmann found sustaining inspiration in a Wall Street Journal Opinion piece written by John Mackey, co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods Market Inc. "Mackey suggested that we should be addressing the root causes of poor health," said Springmann. "In his words, 'this begins with the realization that every American adult is responsible for his or her own health.' And I was impressed by this observation, too. 'Unfortunately many of our healthcare problems are self-inflicted: two-thirds of Americans are now overweight and one-third are obese. Most of the diseases that kill us and account for about 70% of all healthcare spending -- heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes and obesity -- are mostly preventable through proper diet, exercise, not smoking, minimal alcohol consumption and other healthy lifestyle choices.'

"Of course," added Springmann, "the economics of access, inequities and disparities are significant factors in health status. But the health literacy component, combined with a mindful willingness to make positive choices and decisions, is crucial. That's exactly why we at 'Life Love & Health' are engaged in informing the debate, with valuable information to improve the health of all Americans."

As Senior Correspondent for the radio program "Life Love & Health," Springmann crafts shows that he hopes will stay fresh and relevant as on-demand audio. In addition to scheduled broadcasts on terrestrial, satellite and Internet radio, On the Path Productions is working to archive "LLH" content and make it searchable.

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