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May 19, 2010 15:33 ET

On the Path Productions -- The Power of the Podcast

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - May 19, 2010) -  Health-related radio programming is migrating online as an integral piece of a new information strategy.

"Every day we hear more about podcasting, and with good reason," said Christopher Springmann, executive producer and senior correspondent at On the Path Productions LLC. "Content providers are finally getting how the power of the spoken word creates awareness, conveys ideas, and educates listeners. Because we all know there's nothing so engaging as hearing a story firsthand."

Springmann, whose San Francisco media company specializes in health literacy programming, also described the podcast's dual role in the shifting landscape of online information sources: first, as a vehicle for wider distribution after a program's original radio broadcast; then as a planned educational component for a more dynamic website. The podcast adds value by making the material accessible through time-shifting, audio-on-demand and downloads.

"Podcasts are the perfect way to reach potential clients and the general public with information about your areas of expertise, special interests, new products or ongoing research efforts," Springmann said. "They're also the ideal way to showcase your personnel, clients or volunteer efforts. We create interview-based podcasts telling stories about health, wellness, prevention and lifestyle. This first-person approach provides memorable and entertaining material for website content, search and media distribution."

Springmann viewed every step in creating the podcast as an additional communication opportunity, an example of what he called "Zero Waste Audio." In addition to the podcasts themselves, the interview transcripts, show scripts and participant bios are posted as searchable website material.

"And searchable website content is crucial when you want potential consumers to find out about you," said Springmann. "These people are looking for your answers and solutions: they are listening with a purpose."

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ASCRS Honors Christopher Springmann

Judges at the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons' National Media Awards ceremony applauded Christopher Springmann, Executive Producer at On the Path Productions, for creating the podcast "Ulcerative Colitis." Judges presented Springmann with the Internet Award, calling the program a "well-produced and well-written 90-second interview with a gastroenterologist" that conveys "with passion and clarity" the reluctance of young patients to seek treatment for a serious and sometimes embarrassing illness.

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Dr. David T. Rubin, the subject of the interview, is an Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Chicago Medical Center. He specializes in the treatment and assessment of digestive diseases. His clinical expertise includes inflammatory bowel diseases (Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis) and high-risk cancer syndromes.

The 2010 National Media Awards competition, held in the Chicago suburb Arlington Heights, traditionally honors outstanding newspaper, television and Internet reports that promote public understanding of colon and rectal disease. It is sponsored by the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons (ASCRS), a 2,600-member organization of board-certified colon and rectal surgeons.

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Information = Relief

Elsewhere on the web, On the Path Productions' podcasts are currently featured on the National Dairy Council site in a series of interviews with gastroenterologist Dr. Jeanette Newton Keith. She discusses lactose intolerance, the role of milk fat in digestive discomfort, and some dietary solutions for people living with this condition. Lactose intolerant individuals may be surprised to learn that it's still possible for them to enjoy the nutritional benefits of dairy products.

To hear more, you can find these shows at the National Dairy Council's fact page:

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On the Path Productions LLC (OPP), founded by radio personality and motivational speaker Christopher Springmann, produces popular radio broadcasts including "Life, Love & Health" (America's most listened-to daily 90-second health, prevention and wellness program) and "Body Language," as well as custom webcasts and house-branded newsmagazines. Sponsored and underwritten by leading brands, trade associations, foundations and healthcare organizations, OPP's 1000+ radio shows have reached millions of consumers, opinion leaders, policy makers and healthcare influencers via CNN, Fox and ESPN, both satellite radio networks and multiple Public Radio affiliates; major retail in-store radio; airline in-flight radio; New Media distribution including and WomensRadio; plus the Voice of America and American Forces Network. For more information about On the Path Productions, visit

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