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December 05, 2011 09:32 ET

OnConference Introduces Social Media Aspect to Conference Calling

OnConference's Meeting Manager Adopts Social Media Approaches Like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to Share Scheduled Meetings

OTTAWA--(Marketwire - Dec 5, 2011) - As social media becomes a 'must have' for any company in the webinar space, OnConference rises to the demand by introducing social media features into its Meeting Manager service. Meeting Manager is a free, web-based service for sending out invitation, reminder and follow-up emails for OnConference's conference calling and web conferencing services.

The social media additions to Meeting Manager are most relevant to companies using OnConference's conference calling and web conferencing services to host webinars, notes OnConference President Jerry Everett. However, the enhancements will benefit anyone wanting to utilize the social platform.

"The new features mean that the chairperson or event coordinator, and their entire company can easily and instantly advertise their webinar's time and topic to their social network on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn," Everett says. "This allows our clients to reach a channel they have built through their social network, making those meetings visible to a new audience of prospective attendees."

The meeting registration link can be tweeted and/or posted to the network, allowing prospects to review the meeting promotion, details and subsequently register. Similarly when participants register, they can share their attendance with their network. "This could multiply visibility across additional networks," Everett says.

"And our combination of conference call and web conferencing services makes for an easy-to-use and reliable webinar platform. Plus we are one of the few companies that offers international conference call access," Everett says.

The feature makes the process much easier by imbedding registration links into the social media update instead of a clumsy cut and paste method. In addition, organizers can do it right at the point of scheduling the meeting and setting up the registration page.

About OnConference: OnConference was founded in 2002 by Nortel Networks veterans with more than a decade of experience building, supporting, and selling telecommunications products to the largest companies in the world. Behind OnConference is the 5th largest conferencing infrastructure on the planet. OnConference has provided conference call services to more than 3,500 companies located in 60 countries around the world.

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