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June 27, 2011 06:27 ET

One Drunken Brawl Too Far for Ascot, Unik Corporation Says Bravo to Professionalism

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - June 27, 2011) - For 300 years the Royal Ascot races have been the highlight of the summer calendar for the well-off and well-connected. But, it seems that after this weekend the average caliber of race goers seems to have slipped to the less distinguished and seemingly less well mannered observer. Unik Corporation, a sales and marketing company in Central London love watching competitive events as they work in a competitive and self-driven environment. However, Shara Ghazi, from Unik Corporation said, "It is a shame that the behaviour at the prestigious event got so out of hand."

As the Queen's favorite racing event celebrates its tercentenary, fights have been breaking out amongst the male race goers at the historic Berkshire course, watched by worse for wear women who can barely stay upright in their high heels. Some companies such as Unik Corporation marketing would have liked to use the event for business trips but are worried that with the amount of alcohol and bad feelings crossing between race goers at the event, it may not be as professional as it was once known. Emma Clarkson from Unik Corporation said, "The Royal Ascot would have been a popular choice for a business trip location but I am sure the drunken fights made it a less pleasant trip for those that attended this year."

Unik Corporation sales and marketing company host many trips not only in the UK but also overseas. Unik Corporation recently ran a trip to Canada. They feel that what is most important is that the trip is fun and undisturbed. Unik Corporation is a very professional company and photos taken from the terraces revealing a sea of flesh and unsightly tattoos – of women in cheap, tawdry dresses and brawling drunken men did not appeal to the company director.

Many business trips may have visited The Royal Ascot as a popular location to build relationships with clients, customers and business partners over a small bet and a few drinks. Unik Corporation alike many of these companies feels that it is important to spend time with future investments outside of the office environment. Races like the Royal Ascot are usually a great choice especially because the races are renowned for being a classy and elegant environment without the worry of trouble or unprofessionalism that made be found at other race courses. Unik Corporation manager Shara Ghazi said, "I really hope that this brawl does not mean that the races are going to go downhill and that it holds its prestigious reputation."

Ruth Hudson, Unik Corporation stylist and personal assistant to the director said, "For me Ascot is all about the style and elegance that comes with the fantastic hats and matching pieces. We are very fond of style and fashion here and I take it upon myself to ensure that Unik Corporation, conveys a stylish tone and professional image. Therefore I felt that as a company, Unik Corporation would really enjoy a day at the races even if only for inspiration."

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