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December 06, 2006 08:12 ET

One-Man Record Company Moves Mountains

Jared Kessler's New Album, "Fighting To Be Me," Is an Anthem for Independent Musicians, Labels and Producers, Because He Plays, Produces, Markets, Sells, AND Does Everything a Major Label Would

SIERRA MADRE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 6, 2006 -- A multi instrumentalist who grew up playing guitar in the mid-'80s, Jared Kessler just recently taught himself piano, took voice lessons in college (getting a B.A. in Psychology), and licensed his music to MTV, all without being able to read music, score the infamous "record deal," or "knowing someone in the business."

After a series of life-changing disasters at 31 years old, Jared figured he would start his own company based around the recurring theme in his life, called "Moving Mountains." Having to replace his dying laptop with Apple's new iBook that he financed, he later discovered a program called "Garageband" that changed his life.

"Once I found out how to use this new music program, everything just flowed out. I spent twenty hours a day just recording and writing new material. The music was coming out so fast, that many days I literally had to force myself to go to sleep; otherwise, I would have stayed up all night for weeks. I think the most frustrating thing as a musician, is that you know you can make great music, but you cannot afford to do the things you need to, in order to make it the way you want. That is the one thing I had been dealing with since day one, when I originally started making music, over 10 years ago."

When Jared first started doing music as a profession, singing and playing acoustic guitar was never really who he was, he did it for convenience. However, on the new album, "Fighting To Be Me," he could finally explore orchestration, take time with his vocals and try different colors and textures that added a whole new dimension to his songs, along with the powerful message sung through him on this album. "I hope this whole project can serve as an example for independent artists around the world, of what one person can do, despite all the challenges one faces along the way."

Blending real instrumentation with pre-recorded loops and samples, Jared creates original soundscapes, melodies and rhythms that form what he calls "Ambient Rock Electronica."

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