September 19, 2011 12:06 ET

One of America's Emerging Corporate Success Stories Is Already Giving Back

GREENSBORO, GA--(Marketwire - Sep 19, 2011) - EYELEVEL INTERACTIVE™ LLC (EI) is a global powerhouse technology and intellectual property company started last December. This story is about a new culture in American business.

Yes, the growth of this company has been incredible and their corporate culture is aggressive -- they don't play not to lose, they only play to win. EI is already enjoying global success, unprecedented growth and the company's executive leadership has a social agenda of corporate philanthropy.

As a part of their corporate mission, they are strongly committed to sharing their successes with communities, charities and others that are less fortunate during this period when many Americans continue to struggle through tough economic times.

Most recently, EI was made aware of a very innovative music learning and performing arts program at Lake Oconee Academy (LOA), located in Greensboro, GA., that had a tremendous concept created by Dr. Otho Tucker, but lacked funding. This forward thinking school had a new education concept, the creation of a same room ten (10) student piano-learning lab. The piano lab was made possible by a charitable academic offering by EYELEVEL INTERACTIVE™, LLC.

The LOA piano lab consists of ten student pianos and one teacher's instrument. These Yamaha pianos are in a same room group setting, providing an environment for students with the opportunity to learn how to play the piano and learn at their own pace.

Each student and piano has its own earphone system connecting each instrument and student with the ability to listen to the teacher's instruction while hearing their own piano's sound that also has recording and playback ability.

All of the pianos are grouped side-by-side in a single musical lab room and the headphones allow each individual student to learn, practice and listen to the classroom teacher's instruction.

This innovative piano instruction and teaching program is offered to every student at LOA as part of a required music class curriculum for grades Pre-K through 4th.

Dr. Tucker, CEO of Lake Oconee Academy explains, "Too often opportunities like this are not afforded to children. We feel strongly that music education is a major component in the educational process. It stimulates the senses and impacts learning in all other subject areas -- having a piano lab that will benefit all students coupled with a thriving arts program is a dream of mine. EYELEVEL INTERACTIVE™ has made a dream come true that will positively impact every student at our school."

Mark De Mattei (CEO and Co-Founder), Blair Enfield (President and Co-Founder) and Jason Tyne (Executive Vice President of Sales and Co-Founder) of EI™ have made community support a mission of their new company.

"Music has always played an important role in all of our lives," said De Mattei. "When we heard about Dr. Tucker's vision of creating a piano technology lab in our community and the ability to bless every LOA child's life through the gift of music education, there was not even a question of us getting involved. The lab turned out incredible and watching the students learning and interacting with music and their teacher is priceless."


EYELEVEL INTERACTIVE, LLC is a subsidiary of MADE Global Brands, LLC, with its main corporate and development campus located in Greensboro, GA, approximately an hour east of Atlanta with executive offices in Barcelona, London and Singapore.

The company operates worldwide and at their current growth rate they are projecting to employ up to 1000 people at the main corporate headquarters and research technology development facility.

The company provides proprietary interactive technology platforms with visual marketing systems that engage consumers for continued interaction with corporate visual promotional marketing campaigns.

The company owns several patented intellectual property technologies and related products and has partnerships with notable corporations both here in the U.S. and internationally.

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Photos of Piano Lab & EI Owners & School C.E.O.
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