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April 05, 2016 11:43 ET

One of the World's Few American, Female Lamas of Tibetan Buddhism, Answers the Question "Why Is the Dalai Lama Always Smiling?"

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - April 05, 2016) - A much-anticipated new book by one of the few American female lamas in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition offers a unique perspective on an ancient practice.

"Why Is the Dalai Lama Always Smiling?" by Lama Tsomo not only reveals how meditation can ground us, but shares the fascinating personal story of an American, Jewish woman who took a groundbreaking journey across cultures to rediscover joy through the study of Buddhism. Lama Tsomo demystifies this fascinating subject, making it accessible to the modern reader seeking greater peace among the distractions of our complex world.

How did a Jewish woman from the Midwest become an ordained Tibetan lama? Lama Tsomo shares her fascinating personal and spiritual journey to greater happiness. Ordained in 2005 and practicing for over 25 years, she enjoys a unique vantage point, understanding both the American psyche and the enduring wisdom of Tibetan tradition. She speaks Tibetan fluently and has done extensive spiritual retreats in the U.S. and abroad, deepening her understanding and mastery of Buddhism.

Using stories, humor, science, and easy-to-follow instruction, Lama Tsomo connects us to an ancient tradition, showing us that meditation is much more than a trend. In "Why Is the Dalai Lama Always Smiling?", Tsomo presents a flexible practice that offers proven physical and emotional benefits, and is as likely to help disillusioned millennials as exhausted baby boomers. The Dalai Lama, who wrote an introductory letter to the book, has said, "My religion is kindness," and Lama Tsomo's words bring this mantra to life.

As Arianna Huffington, founder of the Pulitzer-Prize-winning The Huffington Post, and author of Thrive, says: "Lama Tsomo is a great guide, helping us to make mindfulness a habit and put ourselves on the path to a more fulfilling and a more joyful life."

Recent research on brain function has shown the many benefits of a meditation practice. It improves the immune system, elevates antibodies that fight off infections, and decreases blood pressure. Regular meditation makes us feel calmer and more focused by improving the consistency of our heart rates, breathing and brain waves, and draining tension from our muscles, which in turn helps us sleep better. Meditation leads us to experience more positive emotions, feeling more compassion for ourselves and others, patience, generosity and forgiveness. Even with just fifteen minutes a day, the practice of meditation gives us a way to feel part of something bigger than ourselves.

The book features portable meditation cards, "Science Tidbits," a glossary of Buddhist terms, and instructional how-tos. Its purpose is to meet readers wherever they are on their journey toward greater peace, and help guide them along the way.

Martha Beck, life coach, columnist, O, The Oprah Magazine, and author of Finding Your Own North Star says "Why Is the Dalai Lama Always Smiling?" is "An extraordinarily engaging, fascinating, pragmatic, and useful guide to happiness. A gem."

About Lama Tsomo

Lama Tsomo is an American female lama ordained in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and author of the new book, "Why Is the Dalai Lama Always Smiling?" Born Linda Pritzker, she grew up in a Midwestern Jewish home and originally trained as a counseling psychologist. Lama Tsomo was ordained as a lama in 2005, after nearly 20 years of deep study, retreat, and teacher training. She teaches students in the U.S. and abroad and is fluent in Tibetan. Tsomo is the co-founder of the Namchak Foundation, dedicated to sharing one of the oldest forms of Tibetan Buddhist practice and making the teachings newly accessible to Westerners. 

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