November 19, 2007 09:00 ET

One Year Old and Here to Stay-The PERMANENT™ Stamp

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov. 19, 2007) - A year ago, Canada Post introduced the PERMANENT™ stamp, a domestic-rate stamp which is always worth the going rate, regardless of when it is purchased.

The PERMANENT stamp has been a big hit by Canadians. Since its introduction, Canada Post has sold some 764 million individual stamps. In fact, in the first three months, the PERMANENT stamp achieved all-time record sales. Things evened out throughout the year, but sales still surpassed the previous year's "total" by more than 85 million stamps. Ms. Elise Beaudette, controller at Mercedes Benz Laval, a major user of PERMANENT stamps, says she loves the new product. "For us, the permanent stamp is a fantastic tool. Not only is it always worth the going rate, but it also avoids us having to purchase 1-cent stamps when there is a rate increase. We really appreciate this Canada Post initiative as it allows us to save time and money."

"We are extremely pleased that Canadians responded so positively to this innovative product", said Robert Waite, senior vice-president, Stakeholder Relations and Brand. "Canada Post enables consumers and businesses of all sizes to conduct the transactions that are necessary to their economic success. The PERMANENT stamp was created to simplify those transactions and take away the worry of having to affix extra postage." In fact, in 2007 Canada Post only printed 18 per cent of the previous year's print run of the penny-stamp. This decrease has reduced inventory operations at Canada Post. It also eliminated the need for consumers to stand in line to purchase penny stamps. Waite says "it just makes sense for everyone."

The recently issued stamps for Christmas included two PERMANENT stamps and, due to its unprecedented success, two additional PERMANENT stamps will be issued in 2008: the Celebration stamp and the Christmas stamp. The United States Postal Service followed Canada Post's lead in issuing their "Forever" stamp on April 12th of this year.

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