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December 20, 2011 10:06 ET

OneReach and EffectiveUI Bring the Power of Multichannel Automated Communications to Small Businesses

Built Based on Customer Insight, the OneReach Automated Communications Platform Provides Non-Technical Users a Way to Reach Customers via Voice, Email and Text Messaging

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - Dec 20, 2011) - OneReach, with the help of EffectiveUI, an award-winning user experience agency, is launching an automated communications platform that empowers non-technical teams to build, measure and refine inbound and outbound communication campaigns across multiple channels. Leveraging an intuitive environment, users of all skill levels can easily build communications campaigns that bring companies closer to their customers.

The system is managed through a web-based dashboard where companies can create and send notifications such as payment due dates, event updates or upcoming appointment reminders, as well as marketing campaign outreach through text, voice and email. Once campaigns are launched, OneReach gathers and delivers analytics that companies can use to adjust the campaign for increased customer engagement.

Additionally, OneReach facilitates interactive, two-way conversation by providing inbound call and texting capabilities that handle incoming inquiries or responses to notifications.

"The OneReach application is a cost-effective way for small and medium businesses, corporate departments and nonprofits to build customer loyalty through sophisticated, automated communications that traditionally required significant time and technical resource commitment," said Rich Weborg, CEO, OneReach. "Other platforms in this class generally focus on only one channel such as text or email. OneReach is the first affordable solution that incorporates multiple channels and offers the flexibility and customization typically reserved for large-scale enterprise interactive communications."

Understanding the Needs of Users Drove the Design
EffectiveUI gathered extensive customer insight prior to the design and development of OneReach to determine how non-technical users and resource-constrained teams would want to use the application, and their desired features and functionality. Based on information gathered through interviews and contextual research, EffectiveUI designed the visual workflow to make the complex process of creating multichannel campaigns easy to manage. With drag-and-drop icons to represent message components, users can build multifaceted communications in a matter of minutes.

"Based on what we learned through our customer insight work, we found that the people managing customer communications wanted a simple way to manage the process of creating an automated campaign without having to invest in technological expertise," said Rebecca Flavin, CEO, EffectiveUI. "Using this data, we created a visual flow that would show exactly how the notifications would work and developed features that added to the simplicity and intuitiveness of the application."

Platform and Features Provide an Enterprise Quality Automated Campaign Without the Complexity

OneReach leverages the Tropo platform to provide robust voice and text messaging services. The application also seamlessly integrates with any back-end system without the need for development resources using a powerful data integration feature, which pulls data from external application program interfaces (APIs), databases and websites in order to provide rich message content. This feature allows companies to integrate social networks into their communications campaigns as well. Additional features include:

  • Flow Builder: This drag-and-drop feature lets businesses create automated message rules using visual steps to represent the 'flow' of an application. Flow Builder provides several "if/then" scenarios, represented by icons that clearly outline how the communication will happen.
  • Campaign Manager: Messages can be sent immediately or as part of a campaign, where they are triggered at specified times or when there is a change in the database customer record. For example, if a subscription-based business has customers whose memberships will expire after one year, the system can be set to automatically send notifications prior to expiration in order to increase subscription renewal rates automatically.
  • Customization: The OneReach application provides several customization options. Email templates can be used in conjunction with contact data to create a custom email experience. Voice messages use custom audio files and voice recordings to deliver a consistent brand experience.
  • Real-time Analytics and Reports: To ensure communication and campaign success, OneReach provides real-time analytics, allowing businesses to monitor performance and then make any necessary changes to content, timing, etc. Performance Reports provide details on how well communications perform and Engagement Reports show how active end-users are with the messaging they receive. Activity Reports show how customers interacted with flows, and Response Reports capture user input for future use.

Customers Leverage Multichannel Communication Capabilities
Current customers of the OneReach platform include: Mobile Accord, which created an interactive voice response campaign to engage supporters for nonprofit organizations; Callisto FM is sending customized email messages to drive listeners to new podcasts in their database; and OneReach are working together to supply text and voice messaging services to private health clinics in Uganda and social service organizations in Colorado to improve communication with target communities and capture key information to drive improved health and well-being.

"At Mobile Accord we empower nonprofits and other organizations driving social change to benefit from the power of mobile technology," said Stephen Joos, Mobile Accord. "With OneReach we were able to set up a sophisticated interactive voice response campaign in 10 minutes with no coding."

OneReach is available for purchase on a per-seat basis, with applicable costs based on message/minute usage. To learn more about OneReach, visit, send an email to or call 866-709-0482.

About OneReach
OneReach creates intuitive software that allows anyone to quickly create, implement and monitor automated communications that increase customer loyalty while decreasing operational costs. OneReach seamlessly integrates voice, text messaging, email and other communication channels into a single communications platform.

About EffectiveUI
Founded in 2005, EffectiveUI simplifies complex experiences, bringing value to people's lives. By researching and articulating user needs, our team of customer insight, design and development experts create custom applications that improve digital interactions and enhance emotional engagement with a company and brand. Focusing on customer insight, EffectiveUI has worked with some of today's top companies -- including AAA, Boeing, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, eBay, GE Health, Navy Federal Credit Union, CenturyLink, TIAA-CREF and American Greetings -- to provide a strategic vision and to increase revenue, brand awareness, customer loyalty and usability.

To learn more about EffectiveUI, visit, send an email to or call 888-310-5327.

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