SOURCE: Vertical Acceleration, Inc.

February 15, 2007 23:30 ET

Ones & Zeros Technologies Pays PCB Design Engineers Royalties Same as Artists and Musicians

Ones & Zeros Technologies, Inc. Subsidiary of Vertical Acceleration Inc. Intends to Bolster Compensation in the Form of Perpetual Royalties to PCB Design Engineers Upon Registration and Authorization of New PCB Production

SAN CLEMENTE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 15, 2007 -- Ones and Zeros Technologies, Inc. (OZT), a wholly owned subsidiary of Vertical Acceleration, Inc. (VA), the business 'Accelerator' for technology and related industries, is revealing its new compensation plan for PCB Design Engineers.

"OZT has revolutionized the industry by announcing the company's plans to additionally compensate design engineers for production of their PCB designs. No method exists today for PCB designers to track and/or benefit from the current and future production runs of their designs. This new business method should create a paradigm shift in the industry," states Todd Stewart, CEO of OZT.

By registering with, a division of OZT, the design engineer receives a unique registration identifier ("ID") administered from the client system. This ID is perpetually assigned to the PCB Design Engineer.

The PCB Design Engineer is directed to always embed his or her ID within each PCB design prepared by the Engineer and submitted for fabrication. The PCB designs can be in the form of Plans or Fabrication Drawings or Gerber Files ("the design"). The Engineer will affix the ID adjacent to a statement on the design, wherein the statement may be, for example, the "Preferred PCB Manufacturer." As an example, the ID can be included in the notes section of the design (e.g., the Fabrication Drawing). The statement may read, for example, "Preferred PCB Manufacturer: MicroGroup PCB, Client ID: 06012285." Alternatively, the ID may be included on another part of the design.

For any recurring PCB production orders through OZT, if the design has an embedded ID, OZT will be able to identify the original author of the design prior to manufacturing.

This ID allows Ones and Zeros Technologies, Inc. and the client to perpetually track "the PCB design" through recurring production in the future. Upon completion and acceptance of manufacturing, with accepted delivery and receipt of payment, the registered PCB Design Engineer will be entitled to the predetermined compensation.

The unique elements in this process reward the PCB Design Engineer for "authoring" creative PCB designs; he or she receives compensation just as an artist or musician would by way of royalties, bringing notoriety and recognition to the Engineer. "We believe that the engineers, who design the boards for products such as MP3 players, gaming consoles, Bluetooth™ devices, computers and flat panel TVs, etc., deserve to be compensated for the continuing success of their designs," states Dan Cwieka, CEO of Vertical Acceleration.

MicroGroup PCB, the printed circuit board division of OZT, is known as "The Domestic Source for Offshore Printed Circuit Boards." MicroGroup PCB has been manufacturing PCBs in Asia for many years; their expertise in the industry has given rise to this royalty program, which coupled with their long-standing relationships, volume pricing, and logistics processes give the company a competitive advantage in the marketplace, attracting clients such as: Benchmark, Eaton, Sigmatron, Shell Oil, Texaco and Crydom.

About Ones and Zeros Technologies:

Ones and Zeros Technologies provides new product or "enhanced product" design engineering, combined with local and overseas PCB manufacturing. OZT engineers have real-world experience with a wide variety of operating systems and processor architectures and specialize in the development of intelligent, network-enabled products for the consumer electronics, avionics, aerospace, medical, military, and automotive industries. Additionally, OZT provides engineering and consulting services for embedded software, application porting hardware design and project management.

Past projects and hi-tech development capabilities include: Fabless Semi-conductor, Mpeg-2/4 decoders LCD Controllers, embedded Linux development tools, telecom (hand-held products), Broadcast-TV-Film-Imaging-Graphics, media, and software expertise -- CRM, streaming media, Web and database development.

About Vertical Acceleration:

Vertical Acceleration's business is targeting premier 'early opportunity' technology-based or related subsidiary companies, acquiring, preparing, financing, and increasing corporate value through acquisition and IP. VA infuses its subsidiaries with strategic guidance and domain expertise across multiple verticals, using technology, manufacturing, distribution, marketing data, media, and capital at planned acceleration stages. Target companies have revenue, references, technology and/or an intellectual property (IP) component.

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