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January 16, 2007 11:11 ET

OneSky Jets Featured in New York Times' E-Commerce Report: "One Way Trip on a Private Jet"

MANCHESTER, NH -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 16, 2007 -- OneSky Jets is featured in The New York Times' E-Commerce Report, "For Sale: One-Way Trip on a Private Jet. No Waiting," dated January 15, 2007. Times columnist Bob Tedeschi writes that "OneSky is one of a growing number of Web sites catering to this era's true jet set -- private jet aficionados willing to spend thousands of dollars on a one-way flight."

OneSky Jets is the fastest growing brand in the private jet space. Reflecting a new surge in business as scores of travelers consider switching to private aviation, the company has doubled revenue in the past six months, and has ranked as the number one website in private aviation since April 2006 over more established brands such as Net Jets, Marquis Jet Partners and Sentient Jet.

The Times' Tedeschi writes: "Because private jet passengers typically remain at their destinations for a few days, their pilots often fly back to their home airports after the drop-off. As a result, the nation's 5,000 or so private jets that offer charter flights travel empty 40 percent of the time.

"Aircraft owners are happy to fill those planes (i.e., called empty legs) even at greatly reduced prices, to help defray the costs of maintenance and storage." Spurring this demand, Tedeschi explains: "The online market for private jet bookings is rising, because of advances in booking technology."

Greg Johnson, CEO and co-founder of OneSky, told The Times that "OneSky's booking platform is technologically savvy enough to help the company set prices that would maximize demand for these flights. The company's technology anticipates demand for particular routes and changes prices accordingly."

Tedeschi explains, "Mr. Johnson says that this pricing strategy is more scientific than that of many other private jet agents who may have extensive experience with certain clients, specific routes or peak periods of the year, but who may not know how to price a trip request properly that falls outside those parameters."

As an example of the spike toward using "empty legs," The Times quotes James Gay, a Fredericksburg, Va., owner of retail and real estate businesses who has used private jets twice in the last year.

"Mr. Gay said that by booking online through OneSky, he typically spent about $21,500 for each leg of a cross-country trip, which, he said, was considerably less expensive than the cost of a flight booked through a fractional ownership program. Mr. Gay said, 'This was a great value.'"

As the premier provider of on-demand private jet travel, OneSky Jets has created a new level of transparency in the private jet marketplace for customers while generating new efficiencies for the nation's leading charter carriers. It acts as a "trusted advisor" to its customers, working diligently to find the very best balance of quality and overall value in private aviation, combining the best aircraft, the highest safety standards, great people and service at a competitive price.


OneSky Jets is creating a new paradigm in the private jet marketplace with its balance of quality service and value. Through its revolutionary online booking system, customers can instantly search, compare and price private jet trips. Flight consultants also are available 24/7 to assist customers plan flights. This white glove, one-of-a-kind functionality is making OneSky the premier on-demand private jet company. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Manchester, New Hampshire, OneSky's senior management team includes Trey Urbahn, Chairman, a founding officer of, and Greg Johnson, CEO and co-founder, formerly a logistics executive at FedEx.

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