June 23, 2008 08:00 ET

Online Advertising Purchasing Problem Solved: Enables Advertisers to Accurately Track and Quantify Online Ad Results

Media Buyers Can Now Purchase and Measure All of Their Advertising With a CPM Model Consistently Across the Board

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwire - June 23, 2008) - Advertisers have always grappled with quantifiably measuring the return on investment of advertising while publishers have struggled with bringing the best value and results to their advertisers. Although online advertising represents an additional way to target potential customers, it has limitations which make it hard to evaluate and compare its value to other traditional advertising mediums such as television, radio and print. is addressing this issue with a new way to directly track who exactly is viewing online ads, and changing the way online advertising is packaged and sold to advertisers.

For decades, media buyers who purchase advertising on TV, radio and magazines relied on a charging model using the Cost Per Thousand (CPM) system and the Gross Rating Points (GRP). Traditionally, these systems of measurement have not worked with online advertising purchases since online advertising typically follows several different tracking and pricing models, including CPC (Cost per click) or an online CPM (cost per thousand page views) making it difficult for media buyers to accurately manage their advertising budgets and purchasing priorities.

"It has been challenging trying to manage my advertising budget consistently across all media because online advertising typically has a different purchasing model," said Elisabeth Nebeker, Broadway Across America - Utah. "With, I can now use both the GRP and CPM systems which have helped me to understand my market reach and frequency as well as my target audience."

Based on circulation, ad size and medium, traditional CPM determines how much an advertiser has to spend to reach their target audience. Online advertising has not used the traditional CPM model because of the inability to calculate views and circulation accurately, ultimately relying on CPC models or calling "CPM" a simple and vague "cost per thousand views." The current "online" CPM model tracks page views that the ads reside on, not whether the ad actually appears to the viewer, and does not take into account circulation like traditional CPM model. With this online CPM model many ad views are tracked and reported that never appear to the viewer. With Cost Per Click models, advertisers pay per click so they are not at risk of paying for an ad that does not appear.

With the Billboard Platform, ad views are tracked only if ads appear in the visible area of a viewer's browser. In addition the platform tracks clicks, individual computers (Unique Viewers) IP addresses (households) and percentage of unique viewers in the market that the ads have reached. This brings reach and frequency into the online CPM mix and makes use of the traditional CPM model possible with the Internet. Advertisers and media buyers can now accurately manage their advertising budgets across the board -- TV, radio, magazines and online and distribute quality branding display and video advertising.

"Prior to this technology, publishers were unable to calculate GRP because they truly couldn't know the percentage of the market they were reaching. Being able to understand and track the audience, know the market and how frequently you are reaching them, is as imperative with online advertising as it is with all other advertising mediums," said Alan James Edwards, executive vice president and co-founder of "Yet historically online advertising has not done that. Now it's possible with our platform because we have a way to bring circulation into the equation and measure ROI as well or better than with TV, radio, print and direct mail."

The Billboard Platform enables local businesses that traditionally have been unable to leverage the power of the Internet due to cost and technology hurdles, to leverage appealing and eye-catching online videos to attract new customers.

About is the only video advertising network that lets local businesses take advantage of the power of online advertising. Local businesses can use to easily create high quality video ads for distribution on the regional Web sites their potential customers visit every day. displays advertising based on the viewer's location, so advertising gets in front of the potential customers that local businesses want to reach most. Online publishers can use the ad engine to turn their Web sites into revenue generating machines, populating their sites with localized advertisements that are relevant to their visitors in addition to running their own video promotions and advertisements on their Web site and other Web sites on the network.

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