February 14, 2011 07:00 ET

Online Banking Fraud Drives Hyper Growth in IronKey Banking Business

Banks Turning to IronKey's Trusted Access for Banking to Protect Customer Endpoints

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - February 14, 2011) -  RSA CONFERENCE 2011 -- IronKey, the leader in secure and managed portable computing solutions, today announced that sales in its banking business unit have more than doubled every quarter in 2010. The company's flagship product driving the growth is Trusted Access for Banking, a solution that protects commercial banks and their users from financial malware attacks. The uptake in sales follows on the heels of FBI and NACHA guidelines that recommend a dedicated secure environment for online banking. 

"Ours is one of those hyper growth stories because the problem is real," said Arthur Wong, CEO of IronKey. "Online banking fraud is rampant, perhaps as high as $6 billion per year by our estimates. We solve that problem by delivering a fully self-contained solution that provides an end-to-end 'cocoon' to protect online banking transactions, even if the client PC is compromised. This appeals to banks because it is the first time they could provide a solution that does not depend on the security of the client PC."

"Trusted Access for Banking has also won numerous awards in 2010 such as 'FutureNow 2010 Top 5' from Bank Technology News, proving this solution is a winner in the market place," said Dave Jevans, chairman and co-founder of IronKey.

Trusted Access for Banking includes a secure IronKey USB device, a hardened virtual operating system and browser, built-in malware protection and a trusted network that together provide a separate, protected computing environment for commercial banking.

See IronKey Trusted Access for Banking in booth #2339 at the RSA 2011 Conference at Moscone Center in San Francisco on Feb. 15-18. For more information, contact IronKey at or visit

"Protecting Online Banking Customers from Evolving Cyber Crime Threats," a new 20-minute online webcast from IronKey, is aimed at banking executives, commercial online banking customers and enterprises. It explains the latest bank phishing attacks, the ZeuS Trojan and Spyeye, the "mule" economy and dozens of other topics relevant to understanding and fighting this serious crime wave.

To stay current with the latest news and perspectives on bank phishing, ZeuS Trojan and Spyeye, also visit Dave Jevans' blog, "Privacy and Identity Theft."

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