September 21, 2010 05:00 ET

Online Bingo Sites to Use PayPal?

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Sept. 21, 2010) - The popular online payment system, PayPal, is re-entering the bingo market after it was dropped in 2006 when it was believed to be unsustainable. This drop came after PayPal began to withdraw in 2002 because it underestimated the popularity of adults using the Internet to play games such as bingo.

PayPal is currently the most widely used online payment organisation in the world and provides sites with credibility if they offer the PayPal transaction service.

According to PayPal, they will now allow "any business or consumer with an email address to securely, conveniently and cost-effectively send and receive payments online." This can greatly benefit individuals who are playing online bingo. These players may find themselves using PayPal more often than they used to.

Over the last couple of months a number of gaming operators announced they are linking up with PayPal again. As a result of the move, users of online bingo sites may find they have more options when it comes to paying for the pastime.

PayPal saves all account holders' details in their account, reducing the hassle of having to fill them in every time the account holder wishes to make a payment online. This means that credit card numbers only have to be entered once, minimising the possibility of hackers accessing the information, and making it easier to make payments on several websites.

With online phishing and online identity theft increasing each year, the move comes at a very opportune time. According to a news agent, it would be in online bingo sites' best interest to make the move to PayPal, as failing to do so could consequently result in loss of players. The news agent said, "They are a trusted brand and in this age of concerns about fraud and identity theft, PayPal offers an excellent payment service which most people feel secure about using."    

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