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Universal Online Magic

September 01, 2011 16:57 ET

Online Meetings Just Took a "Virtual" Leap Forward With Universal Online Magic

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - Sep 1, 2011) - Universal Online Magic, a Denver-based company, will today launch a functional beta of their VisualHQ product -- a new breed of web application that creates a photo-realistic virtual corporate headquarters for face-to-face collaboration and remote customer interaction. The software can be found at

According to the company's president, James Auld, the product "allows a company, whether composed of remote staff, local staff or a mixture of both, to work together in a realistic-looking executive environment, with an always-on webcam connection for personal and group meetings, presentations, and collaboration. The software also allows a company to invite customers or clients into the environment with one click of an email link -- to provide for live, immersive client service. VisualHQ has a small footprint, leveraging existing PC and Mac hardware and webcams."

VisualHQ is different from other proposed virtual office solutions in that it does not use a real-time 3D video game interface. Auld states that "using photo-realistic, high-definition 2D imagery increases the professionalism of the environments and eliminates the motion sickness that is commonly experienced with real-time 3D. No company would want its clients or customers to feel like they were playing a video game. Quite the contrary -- our clients want their customers to meet with them face-to-face in a beautiful space complete with ambient sound and stunning visuals, while maintaining a professional corporate feel.

"Imagine inviting clients by email to a meeting scheduled within your VisualHQ space. They arrive in a reception area and are met face-to-face with a live receptionist. At the appointed time, the receptionist leads the group down the hall to the assigned meeting room and you begin your meeting. This is a very real experience in VisualHQ."

According to Auld, VisualHQ "uses one of the best video streaming technologies, keeping all participants in tight audio and video synchronization. We've also designed a realistic metaphor whereby you schedule a meeting in a meeting room or office within the environment, and bring with you 'Presentation Folios,' each of which can contain an unlimited amount of images, music, sounds, videos, and PDF documents, to unfold your presentation before the group."

During the software beta phase, UOM is offering up to 60 companies lifetime usage of the software for a one-time fee of $450.00 for 15 staff and 15 guests. The normal cost for the same service will be $120.00 per month for companies joining after the beta has completed, so this early price point offers deep discounts over time. The software runs in the browser on both Windows and Mac computers and tablets, and uses Microsoft Silverlight technology together with the cloud environment to make for a fast and scalable system.

Go to for more information and to take part in the beta program.

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