April 25, 2012 15:26 ET

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DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - Apr 25, 2012) - With the advent of the Internet, public records are more public than ever. Private companies have developed software to go in and grab public information from online databases and re-disseminate that information across the Internet. Initially this was a popular trend in the real estate industry. County records were being displayed on private websites to generate ad revenue. Recently a new set of public information has made its way onto the Internet. Public arrest records and mugshots are now being prominently displayed online. In states like Florida, Georgia, and Texas almost any type of arrest is now being made a public record online from DUIs to petty thefts to serious felonies. is an online privacy and Internet reputation management firm that specializes in helping individuals remove private information from the Internet. According to the company, they have seen the number of Florida mugshot websites increase 10 fold in the last year.

The list of Florida mugshot websites is growing quickly. If you are arrested in Florida, chances are extremely high you will end up on a number of different Florida mugshot websites. has been tracking these websites since their inception and working on removal techniques for each one.

This type of information that used to be only available via an extensive and usually costly background check is now readily found and available online. It doesn't matter if your charges were dropped or expunged, if you were booked in Florida your mugshot picture and information will likely end up on several mugshot websites across the state. The largest and most comprehensive of the Florida mugshot websites is The website hosts over 5 million records and has been publishing mugshot information since 2010.

While mugshot information being posted to private websites might be a relatively new thing, sheriff websites have been posting mugshot records on their websites for years.

For those unfortunate enough to find their mugshots online, offers a quick and effective mugshot removal solution that helps clients get all of their mugshots removed completely from Google, Yahoo!, Bing and all the other online search databases. is an online reputation management company that provides services to business and individuals. The firm is one of the only online reputation management firms that specialize in actual record removals.

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