Online Party of Canada

Online Party of Canada

October 03, 2010 02:50 ET

Online Party of Canada, a Radically Different Political Organization, has Launched an Ambitious Online Publicity Campaign to Raise Membership

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 3, 2010) - The Online Party of Canada (OPC) is not just another political party. It is a revolutionary introduction of Internet technology to the political process. It operates exclusively online and promotes an innovative internal election system based on the competence and accountability of its candidates to public office. This system compels candidates to support the Party's official position on each of its issues, determined in a purely democratic manner, namely, as the simple majority opinion of its registered members.

In a traditional system voters elect representatives, who in many cases turn around promoting their own agendas and playing political vote-trading games. Internet technology enables a political system based on direct input from voters on every issue; a shift from voting politicians to voting issues and policies.

OPC invites young professionals to join this innovative political process; for example, Masters- and Ph.D.-level individuals in Political Science, Media and Communications, Law and Economics are eligible to represent OPC in elections as 'candidates' for public office and/or act as 'specialists' on the OPC website (i.e., members with enhanced privileges such as the ability to write new issues and provide expert opinion). Specialists and candidates must meet minimum educational standards and possess relevant qualifications and work experience.

OPC regularly proposes issues for registered Members to comment upon and cast an educated vote. Posted issues to date include Canada's participation in Afghanistan, reducing the voting age to 16, legalizing prostitution, marijuana, free post-secondary education, reforming the electoral system and abolishing the constitutional monarchy. Local issues are also proposed to voters from particular areas (e.g., province or city), such as free public transportation in Toronto and eliminating separate schools in Ontario.

Mr. Michael Nicula, the founder of OPC, opines that many Canadians are resigned to the idea that politicians, for the most part, are corrupt and incompetent. It is implicitly accepted that politicians knowingly make promises that can't be kept; that they lie, deceive and betray public trust. Mr. Nicula questions why it is that the polls in this country frequently show Canadians supporting one side of an issue, yet the Government acts the opposite. So the question remains: why do politicians vote against the will of those who elected them and against their own promises, with no consequences? OPC was founded with the strong belief that Internet technology can change the way we elect our politicians, and return to the roots of a purely democratic system.

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