Online Party of Canada

Online Party of Canada

October 05, 2010 02:43 ET

Online Party of Canada, a Refreshingly Different Political Organization, Is Building Momentum After a Successful Launch

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 5, 2010) - Online Party of Canada ( launched its publicity campaign and has received immediate positive feedback. Canadians across the country have responded enthusiastically, providing suggestions and signing up to become Members of the newly created Political Party.

OPC is a political organization with no particular orientation or colour; it is open for Membership to all Canadians who have voting rights regardless of their political inclinations, beliefs, sex, race, religion or any other division. It is also open to guests, especially future voters: landed immigrants and youngsters.

While advocacy groups, independent voters and many issue-based political movements will find in OPC a natural partner, it is expected that young Canadians will embrace this non-traditional political organization for its democratic values, modern concept and sleek presentation.

The Governing Principles posted on the website explain how OPC works. OPC Members vote and comment directly on Issues, instead of voting groups of people or individuals. The simple majority determines the official position of the party on a particular Issue. Voting is direct, secret and instantaneous. Members can change their vote on any Issue at any time.

OPC enforces Accountability and Competence in a very innovative way, ensuring that its representatives will support publicly the official position on every issue. All Members have equal rights and opportunities, while OPC maintains high standards of competence by offering personal development alternatives to its Members in case of missing qualifications.

OPC website is currently being enhanced to accommodate French users, future voters (minors and landed immigrants) and improve debate and interaction in the 'comments' section.

If you are a Canadian Citizen with the right to vote and want to become a Founding Member of OPC, join today and help us write a new page in political history.

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