Online Party of Canada

Online Party of Canada

October 08, 2010 02:59 ET

Online Party of Canada, the Newest Player in Canadian Politics, Is Gaining Momentum

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 8, 2010) - Online Party of Canada (OPC - struck a sensitive chord earlier this week, bringing back the talk about Change. The Internet technology is ready to enter politics with more Canadians embracing the idea of debating and voting online, and this 'Tea Party'-like grassroots organization is gaining momentum across the country, after a successful launch.

The website has posted very controversial issues for debate: the members have voted for ending the war in Afghanistan, legalizing prostitution and marijuana, free public transit and post-secondary education, eliminating unions from governmental organizations, banning junk mail, even the Constitutional Monarchy system. Unlike traditional politicians, OPC representatives are compelled to support the outcome of the vote on every issue, therefore every vote really counts.

What OPC has to offer to the Canadian electorate is what many Canadians were waiting to see in politics for a long time: holding elected officials accountable for their promises and actions, ensuring competence and integrity, a new, viable alternative to the two-party system, focus on real issues instead of empty political dialogue, and much more. Canadians are not blue or red, as the two-party system suggests. They are liberals when it comes to human rights and conservatives in regards to government spending. The only choice is to vote one side or the other, and be surprised when the elected officials break their promises.

Mr. Michael Nicula, the founder of OPC, opines that very soon the political debate will enter a new era, focusing on the issues instead of picking a candidate name from a lawn sign. For generations voters have chosen a colour and voted for the candidate proposed, or based on a smiley face from a sign, in many cases having very little information about that person, hoping for the best and not taking their promises very seriously because there's virtually no accountability mechanism in place. Sadly, having a minority government is considered a good thing!

Mr. Nicula believes the Canadians are ready for online debate and voting, and OPC is ready to provide the platform for this radical change. The Canadian political establishment has managed so far to fend off challenges from smaller progressive political organization due to the high costs of publicity, but the social networking via internet is about to change politics as we know it.

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