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October 17, 2008 15:31 ET

Online Poll: Obama Widens Lead With Key Female Demographic

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - October 17, 2008) - NeoEdge Networks, Inc., the leading advertising network focused on providing television-quality advertising inside online casual games, continues to prove that media focused technology companies can have an ongoing dialogue with consumers. Today NeoEdge announced the results of its latest online poll. Online casual game players, playing on the NeoEdge Network, were asked how they planned to vote in the upcoming election. According to the poll, Sen. Barack Obama has widened his lead among casual games -- an overwhelming majority of which are women -- over Sen. John McCain following the third presidential debate on Wednesday, October 15. On October 16, the day following the debate, 59% of the respondents said they preferred Obama, while 32% preferred McCain. A week ago, the day after the second presidential debate (October 8), only 54% percent said they preferred Obama, and 36% said they preferred McCain. According to the poll, Obama now leads McCain by 17 points among this key demographic.

"Interactive marketers are demanding better returns on their advertising dollar and closer consumer relationships in today's economic environment," said Alex Terry, NeoEdge President and CEO. "We conduct interactive polls to stay in tune with our audience and deliver guaranteed results for advertisers. Our technology and our network of more than 50 top game publishers and premium game sites provide us with a huge and easily accessible audience. And since advertising is now an accepted part of casual gaming, players have a very high tendency to respond in order to continue playing. Whether the topic is consumer packaged goods or political preferences, at NeoEdge we're excited to use these advanced tools to move beyond traditional product marketing and help advertisers make smarter decision and improve ROI."

On August 11, 2008 NeoEdge began an interactive poll of casual game players to understand their voting preferences. Over 24,000 individuals, representing all 50 states, responded with data showing that more than 97 percent of the respondents are eligible to vote, and more than 72 percent are women, a very influential group of voters in the upcoming election. Said Terry, "While the results of our online polls are not meant to replace those of professional political pollsters, the fact that the poll showed 97% of the respondents are eligible to vote is both interesting and useful for a variety of purposes. Women over the age of 18 are a demographic that both candidates and advertisers are eager to reach. NeoEdge's unique and powerful technology in casual gaming represents an effective vehicle for advertisers to reach tens of millions of women, many of whom control spending and budgets for their families."

In-game advertising provides a unique opportunity to engage consumers at natural breaks during an activity they enjoy and want to continue. NeoEdge has had great success with product and awareness studies in the past due to the vast number of consumers who participate. NeoEdge credits this success to a combination of the medium, technology, audience and the compelling value proposition for consumers playing ad-supported games.

"This is the first attempt to mine the growing and increasingly influential demographic of casual gamers for valuable research data, and it was highly successful," said Ty Levine, vice president of Marketing at NeoEdge. "Even more importantly it shows that a technology leader like NeoEdge, with an engaging media proposition, can have a continuous and in-depth conversation with consumers. We talk to this important decision-making demographic each and every day."

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