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March 07, 2011 09:15 ET

Online Project Management

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - March 7, 2011) - No longer is the project manager limited by their surroundings and the personal at their facility. New Online Project Management software just released now gives project managers the power of global reach.

Web-based collaboration tools have been in use for several years, but access to the actual programs that manage and create the projects have had limited use on the internet. As the technical director of Method 123, Craig Nicholson puts it "now the gloves are off for global project management".

Many refer to this advancement as Web Project Management, but no matter what the name is, the advantages are the same. Project managers and their teams can now access their projects from any computer that has an internet connection.

Security worries of the past are now gone as the project manager has the ability to create user accounts so that each can have a different level of access. This allows the manager to be in full control of their team with this online project management program.

By locating the Project Management Software on a server that can be accessed from the web, the freedom to hire workers for your project team has just been expanded. It also allows the team to work in tandem with each other even though they are long distances apart.

With this latest Online Project Management program, managers can assign their team to work in shifts to accommodate their locations. Just think of it, the sun is up somewhere in the world all the time. Project teams can be built to take advantage of this, with resources in different countries and on different time zones, and the project manager still has total control. This management process means project managers will have to look at what the team has done while they were asleep, but it also means the progress of projects will always be moving ahead.

This online project management program has the latest in tracking technology to make knowing what has been accomplished easier and faster. No longer is there a need for faxes, emails or update reposts to be sent. This can all be accomplished with this new program.

To help project managers keep all the information and data organized, this online project management program has a dashboard built into it. This allows for it to be constantly updated by the project team so the manager always knows the progress of each component of their project. This can be done by a Gantt chart or any other preference the manager might have.

The timesheets with who was working on what for how long are also included in this online project management program. This helps to keep track of budget easier by having them all in one place for the entire team.

This new online project management program is now available to help conquer the market place with a global reach. This is where the business world is venturing into to handle the challenges of global competition.

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