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November 14, 2014 13:01 ET

Online Room Designer Tool Expands myWebRoom Into Social Media

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 14, 2014) - myWebRoom today announced the release of its newly-updated Designer tool, which will let users add their own products, save multiple Room designs, and publish their web-browsing Rooms to social media. The new functionality will allow users to save unlimited Room designs and share them with friends across multiple social networks.

myWebRoom users -- or "Roommates" as they are called -- use the Designer tool to change the look of the interactive Rooms using the thousands of products available on the site. Most of the items in the Rooms link to bookmarking folders that help users organize their online lifestyle. It's a site that focuses not only on form, but also function.

The updated Designer will now allow users to save unlimited room designs and share them with friends across multiple social networks. With over 6,500 products ranging from tech gadgets to sofas and lamps, myWebRoom can offer seemingly limitless variety to their international users. The Rooms themselves have over 150 different themed layouts to choose from, ranging from simple mid-century styles to a Batman-inspired cave. That, combined with the number of items available, provides users over 34 million Room combinations.

Since users can visit their fellow Roommates' profiles, should they see a product they like anywhere on the site, the new "RoomIt" action will let people copy their friends' items to their own Designer tool.

In what is perhaps the most far-reaching feature to date, Roommates can now contribute images of products they love to be digitally rendered and added to the site. This means users can upload images from the web or their hard drives to be made available for their Rooms. Since myWebRoom is lauded as a customizable sandbox, this is a no-brainer for a site that deifies the value of artistic license.

The new updates are rounded out by the addition of micro-customization features, such as a streamlined single-click edit process, undo and redo actions while editing, and a keyword search bar within the Designer. This important update is a leap ahead in productivity for the fledgling startup, which has gained over 300,000 registered users since the release of its beta version of the platform in December, 2013.

This release is expected to be a boon for the San Francisco startup, which launched its beta version in December, 2013 after a securing $2.8 million round of initial seed funding. The updated Designer tool will give myWebRoom's sizeable 300,000 registered users, more opportunities to combine their favorite products together in unique ways in their rooms.

This is sure to garner the attention of product brands, who will be interested in how potential customers interact with their products, both within the Rooms and within the bookmarking interface myWebRoom offers.

"The new Designer gives users millions of new combinations of designs to express themselves with using the products they love," said Artem Fedyaev, co-founder of myWebRoom. "Our Roommates can now interact with their favorite websites from the comfort of a unique room that is a visual profile of each person. We're past the age of telling -- myWebRoom is all about showing."

Beyond simple user demographic data, myWebRoom boasts an improved insight into how consumers interact with and select brand products in what is essentially a limitless discovery tool for user expression.

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