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September 03, 2009 04:00 ET

Online Student Monitoring Is 75% More Effective Than The Traditional Paper Alternative, According To Perspective

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Sept. 3, 2009) - Online student monitoring is as much as 75% more effective then the traditional manual, paper alternative, according to Perspective, a leading authority in apprenticeship training and distributed learning.

Paper monitoring solutions have the potential to be very inaccurate, especially when used in an environment of distributed learning where students are taught both on and off site. As a result, training reports have to be posted or faxed between all locations in order to keep all delivery partners up-to-date with both the progress and attendance of their students - a process where records are easily mislaid.

Additionally, with the time delay of posting and faxing reports, any red-flag areas of concern, such as a drop in performance and unauthorised absences, are often identified too late for the appropriate action to be taken, if not missed altogether. Both of which in their very nature can lead to a student failing a course.

To avoid these problems, Perspective has created an effective means of measuring student progression. Sunesis is a web based training monitoring and management tool which enables schools and colleges to track individuals and their progression throughout the duration of a course.

Sunesis uses unique access controls giving real time, secure views of a learner's progress to all key operators, i.e. managers, trainers, assessors, verifiers, employers and the learners themselves, providing appropriate levels of visability to all of the critical phases of each students progress.

A further advantage of Sunesis is the ease of use and the time it saves over filling in forms and spreadsheets manually. With traditional means, research has suggested that training providers, delivery partners and teachers spend up to, and over, 5 hours each week just filling in reports.

Sunesis is updated with a simple click of a button enabling training providers to manage students through effective learner-centric tracking of progression against qualifications, frameworks and milestones, as well as managing funding, recruitment and statistical reporting.

Perspective has also recently joined the Systems Interoperability Framework (SIF) Association, a non-profit membership organisation that makes it possible for systems to communicate and share data, without any additional programming - meaning that the integration of any of Perspective's solutions is a quick and simple process.

The system enables new and existing clients, with one or more independent management systems, to input data into one with it then automatically transferred to the other. This therefore, with the systems effectively able to talk to each other, will avoid the time consuming process of duplicating data entry.

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