Avatar Babaji Yoga

Avatar Babaji Yoga

July 15, 2010 09:48 ET

Online Yoga

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - July 15, 2010) -

Fred Manning

Dr. Greszczyszyn who is a healer, chiropractor, metaphysician, master yogi, and charity worker (www.32sacredcharity.com) has pulled out all stops.

In a phone interview with Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn I recently learned that www.avatarbabaji.com was providing inexpensive Online Yoga (US Currency). It is Dr. Greszczyszyns' intent to eliminate the need for guru disciple initiation, bringing about release of nearly complete free online yoga. By having free videos posted at Youtube.com, and instructional Online Yoga manuals at www.avatarbabji.com he has provided the necessary tools by which any novice practitioner of yoga, non initiate, or person that already knows yoga and wants to expand his or her practice can learn to master powerful, breakthrough yoga.

His courses include a powerful Advanced Course, Abundance Course, and a masterful Basic Course.

When asked about the benefits of yoga he mentioned "it serves to add bliss, brings about peace, increases health, eliminates pain, reduces aging, enables better discrimination, and increases will power. Other sources I found sited yoga benefits by eliminating diabetes, increasing longevity, reducing back pain, mastering mind and body connection, as well as overcoming emotional pain and suffering.

Although the Online Yoga courses have only been up for a couple weeks the interest and dialogue for these courses has been overwhelming.

Some may question why he chose to release such inexpensive nearly free online yoga courses. His reply to this question left me stunned: "I have been graced with power, love, health, fame, and wealth. By giving back free yoga instruction, eventually opening free health clinics, and providing inexpensive eBooks on spirituality, metaphysics and abundance I feel I am giving back a part of how I become so successful".

Dr. Greszczyszyn's humbleness, grace and his ability to release timely, inexpensive and free healing as well as charity work all demonstrate why this advanced healer, chiropractor, master yogi and family man is making a run for celebrity status.

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