April 19, 2011 14:34 ET

OnLive Launches Milestone 50th PlayPack Bundle Game

Just Cause® 2 Joins Unlimited-Play Game Bundle; More Than 50 Games & Growing

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - Apr 19, 2011) - OnLive, Inc., the pioneer of on-demand, instant-play video games, today announced the addition of the 50th and 51st games to the all-you-can play OnLive PlayPack bundle, adding to the thousands of hours of gameplay already available for just $9.99/month. The milestone 50th game is blockbuster action-adventure game Just Cause 2, which not only is one of the most played OnLive games, but lays claim to some of OnLive's highest-rated and most-shared Brag Clip™ videos because of the uniqueness and creative nature of its open-world system. Players can base jump, hijack, detonate, race and skydive as they explore more than 400 square miles of the fictional island of Panau, armed with a grapple and parachute.

"When we started OnLive PlayPack, many said a Netflix-style plan for gaming couldn't work," said OnLive VP of Games & Media John Spinale. "Well, not only is it working, it's growing at an incredibly rapid pace. We have tremendous games like Just Cause 2 joining the PlayPack bundle, and our members are thrilled with the unlimited-play model.

"This began as an experiment; a gaming first. It's now a successful, proven, and unique way to play."

The announcement comes on the heels of the recent implementation of more social-rich service features, including a Gmail-integrated Instant Friend Finder, one-step friend requests, email notifications and easier ways to track, share and compare your in-game achievements with friends -- including automatic Brag Clip video recording of key in-game achievements. These features join OnLive's one-of-a-kind Spectator Voice Chat, which turns gaming into a true spectator sport by enabling members to watch others playing on the service and talk with them and cheer them on in real-time.

"OnLive takes social-rich gaming to the next level, and the endless hours of interactive PlayPack gameplay create a social destination for gamers unlike anything done before," said Spinale. "Through Spectator Voice Chat, Just Cause 2 becomes the equivalent of an action-adventure movie that you can participate in while watching. It's something everyone should try that can only happen on OnLive."

OnLive's continuously growing library of games in the PlayPack bundle provides an all-you-can-play option for OnLive members for only $9.99/month -- allowing them to play instantly on TVs via the OnLive Game System and on virtually any PC or Mac® via a small browser download.

OnLive and the PlayPack bundle enjoy the support of gaming enthusiasts everywhere, including Sean Chano, who goes by Player Tag "Saieno" on the service:

"The OnLive PlayPack bundle is one of the best deals in gaming. It lets you experience thousands of hours of instant entertainment for less than $0.25 a game," said Chano. "Not only are there classics, there are newer games like Mini Ninjas® and Battle Los Angeles. Many of the titles available on PlayPack are worth more than $10 on their own, so to have all of these great games for such a low price really speaks volumes about the OnLive service."

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