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April 01, 2016 12:03 ET

Only Goodness Inside™ has Natural, Effective Solution for Body Odor

California Based Company Brings Deodorant to

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwired - April 01, 2016) - Only Goodness Inside, a California-based company providing an array of toxin-free, hypoallergenic and gluten-free body care products, announced My Goodness™ Soothing deodorant is now available for purchase on, the world's largest online retailer.

My Goodness™ Soothing deodorant comes in a lotion form and is specially formulated with natural ingredients to calm and sooth sensitive and irritated skin. Unlike many other deodorants it does not contain chemicals or baking soda.

"With My Goodness™ Soothing deodorant now available to the vast amount of consumers on, people now have the ability to manage body odor without putting harmful toxins on their body," said Dina Soker, CEO of Only Goodness Inside. "Many topical deodorants on the market contain harmful chemicals that can have adverse health effects and irritate the skin."

Our skin is like a sponge according to Soker meaning anything put on the skin goes into the body and enters the blood stream. By applying healthy nourishing ingredients like pure Dead Sea minerals with Magnesium and vegan vitamins found in My Goodness™ the body will benefit from better health. If a person applies on harming toxic chemicals, like Aluminum, Propylene Glycol and Baking Soda commonly found in deodorants, the body will degrade.

It can be used in many applications aside from under the arms including shaving/waxing any sensitive areas. Men use the soothing deodorant on the neck area after saving, to eliminate razor bumps, soothe and restore the skin to normal condition. Also the soothing deodorant helps the skin to calm and soothe any irritation on the body, and it can be applied to minor burns for relief. Men and women can apply it in the groin area to eliminate odor and relieve skin issues such as ingrown hairs.

Protection from My Goodness™ Soothing deodorant lasts up to 48 hours and actually creates the feeling of less sweating. The lotion form of deodorant does not clog pores, can be applied to sweaty skin, is stain free and comes in four types for all different skin categories.

"Most natural deodorants do not give odor protection more than two hours but My Goodness™ lasts all day and protects from embarrassing odor," said Soker. "This partnership with Amazon allows more people to reap the benefits of using natural deodorizer."

My Goodness™ also has foot deodorant that is gentle enough to be used at any age, babies to seniors. It is cooling eliminating foot odor completely for long days, and nourishing feet with the minerals and vitamins. It's like a Dead Sea spa in a bottle for the feet.

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