March 12, 2012 08:30 ET

OnShift Introduces New Release of Staff Scheduling Software

New Features Lower Costs, Improve Employee Retention, and Provide Greater Analysis Into Staffing

CLEVELAND, OH--(Marketwire - Mar 12, 2012) - OnShift today announced the newest release of OnShift staff scheduling and shift management software. The new release introduces Staff Extend open shift recruiting and management capabilities that enable long-term care and senior living providers to fill shifts by accessing and sharing employees from neighboring locations, such as a sister community or facility. In addition, reporting and analytics enhancements are part of the new release, providing peer analytics, greater customization and ease-of-use for labor management analysis.

News Facts

  • Providers fill open shifts using Staff Extend to identify, schedule and communicate with employees from nearby locations.
  • OnShift automatically identifies qualified and available employees from internal staff and neighboring locations, red flags conflicting schedule assignments and overtime risks, and communicates openings with potential replacements via text message, email, and automated phone call.
  • With access to a broader pool of employees, providers staff more appropriately and fill open shifts faster and more regularly.
  • With proper staffing enabled by Staff Extend, providers can more easily maintain patient care and avoid shortages, reduce overtime, and minimize the use of expensive contract labor by leveraging nearby employees instead.
  • With Staff Extend, employees get more flexibility in their scheduled shifts and locations and gain the ability to pick up additional shifts when they prefer, which improves staff satisfaction and retention.
  • Enhancements to OnShift's dashboard and reporting portfolio give providers more choice and customization for tracking and analyzing key metrics, including analysis of labor budgets, overtime, and staffing costs.
  • The reporting enhancements include the addition of peer comparisons and provide easy-to-use views into staffing and labor management progress.
  • Staff Extend and enhanced reporting are part of OnShift staff scheduling and shift management software, which automates scheduling, fills open shifts in minutes, prevents overtime, and keeps staffing levels aligned with census.

Supporting Research

  • Finding qualified employees to fill shifts can be difficult, as 90% of long-term care facilities don't have enough nurses to provide basic care, according to the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.
  • Providers struggle with retaining staff, with direct care turnover ranging from 35% - 43%1, which is further complicated by a nursing shortage that is expected to grow to over one million nurses by 20202.

Supporting Quotes
"Staff Extend will allow Five Star to take advantage of our clusters of properties to create a pool of per diem employees. In the past each property has their own per diem staff and sharing was difficult to manage," stated Kip Kransdorf, Director of Payroll and Labor Reporting for Five Star Quality Care. "Staff Extend will allow us to not only reduce overtime by being able to assign staff based on need, but allow us to better manage the cost allocation."

"Since our inception, OnShift has focused on helping providers staff effectively to drive positive outcomes and improve efficiencies," stated Mark Woodka, CEO of OnShift. "For many healthcare employees, driving just a few miles East instead of West may mean more flexible and fitting schedules with Staff Extend. And, the enhancements to OnShift's reporting portfolio give executives data they can easily consume and benchmark against other homes and providers. These new capabilities deliver powerful benefits to providers, through lower costs, higher retention, and better care."

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1 American Health Care Association 2011.

2 Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) April 2006.

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