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February 20, 2007 08:30 ET

OnState Communications Announces OnState ACD for Skype 3.0

New Skype Business Extra Delivers Affordable & Easy-to-Use Call Center Solutions

LINCOLN, MA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 20, 2007 -- OnState Communications™, innovating new-generation call center solutions, today announced OnState ACD for Skype™ 3.0. The OnState Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) solution is a fully integrated, Skype Certified™ third-party application, which is available as a Skype for Business Extra. OnState ACD for Skype does not require installation, hardware or special software yet it delivers enterprise-class customer contact management capabilities spanning services such as skills-based routing, chat, click-to-call Web integration, interactive voice response, and reporting. OnState ACD for Skype is part of a suite of OnState Intelligent CallCenter solutions for Skype solutions to be rolled out in the coming months.

"Skype is easy to use and a very affordable calling solution," said Pat Kelly, COO at OnState. "Our OnState ACD for Skype extends Skype's inherent value proposition to the call center and customer contact management industries." With OnState, businesses can select the call center services they need for just one or up to hundreds of users at a single, per-agent, per-month fee. There are no upfront or fixed costs and no commitments. "We're offering pay-as-you-go, pay-for-what-you-need call center management, which effectively redefines how call centers are administered, how services are priced, and how profit margins are calculated," continued Kelly. The anticipated return on investment for OnState ACD for Skype has cross-industry appeal with "OnState ACD getting immediate market traction in help desk environments, travel-related services, manufacturing, and the emerging online communities of domain experts in the automotive, technology and medical fields," said Kelly.

Depending on the number of agents, the cost of maintaining a call center has traditionally been in the hundreds of dollars per month, per agent -- even when businesses rely on near-shore and off-shore resources. "Because OnState ACD for Skype does not use traditional hosted or VoIP call center options and requires minimal agent training and management, we can lower monthly per-agent costs to a fraction of what businesses typically invest," noted Kelly. "It's no exaggeration to say that these new price points and ease-of-use features herald a new-generation call center business model that may even help businesses become less reliant on off-shore resources so that they can maintain local call center agents and ultimately drive increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention." These benefits also improve the effectiveness and investments in existing call center agents and all customer-facing functions.

"OnState is part of a growing ecosystem of third-party companies that are developing truly innovative Extras for Skype to meet specific business-user needs in both small and large enterprises. Extras for Skype are third-party applications that are accessible from the Skype 3.0 software, which gives our users new ways to do more with Skype," said Paul Amery, director of Skype Developer Programs. "We're thrilled to see applications such as OnState ACD that capitalize on the advantages of Skype 3.0, while opening the door for Skype in the call center space."

How it Works

As part of the OnState Intelligent CallCenter (ICC), OnState ACD for Skype 3.0 incorporates Skype's comprehensive communications portfolio of Internet calling, instant messaging, video conferencing, and file transfers. These capabilities enable anyone within an organization to provide customer service -- anywhere at anytime.

The OnState ICC controls the communication state of customers making inquiries and routes inquiries to those people in the company who can best address their request. For example, a customer may contact a company via landline, Web site, or from their Skype contact list. The ICC accepts the request and using a rules-based engine determines who in the organization has the best knowledge to field the call. On the company side, the ICC gives call center agents a comprehensive Customer Contact Management Cockpit that enables them to control their work state, view, and connect with customers in real-time. OnState ACD for Skype includes:

--  Multimedia -- voice, video, chat, click-to-call, automatic Web call-
    back, Instant Messaging (IM), conferencing, and Short Message Service
--  Business-rules Routing -- defines customers and their requests, and
    then selects the best resource or course of action to address requests.
--  Skills-based Routing -- identifies employee skills and proficiencies
    and uses this information to fine-tune who handles specific customer
--  Customer/Market Segmentation -- uses the rules-based engine to
    determine who is contacting the company and where they fit in the market
--  Easy Personalization -- based on industry standards, OnState ACD for
    Skype comes ready-to-use right out of the box, or can be personalized for
    specific needs.
--  Seamless Application Integration -- with other business applications,
    such as Sales Force Automation (SFA) and Customer Relationship Management
    (CRM) systems.
--  Pending Communications™ -- monitors both parties' status and
    automatically schedules a call-back based on both parties' real-time
--  Reporting and Analytics -- delivers comprehensive real-time,
    historical, and statistical customer information.
--  Business-presence Enabled -- lets a company publish their availability
    for communicating with customers.
Availability and Pricing

OnState ACD for Skype 3.0 is available through Skype as a plug-in, or directly from OnState Communications with trial versions available at: General Availability is scheduled by the end of March 2007.

Monthly pricing for OnState ACD for Skype 3.0 starts at $29.95/per agent.

About OnState Communications

OnState was created to give SMEs and large enterprises a simple, low-cost, and scalable call center and customer contact management solution. The company was founded by call center pioneers who launched GeoTel Communications (acquired by Cisco Systems), and have been at the forefront of technologies spanning Automatic Call Distributors (ACD), Intelligent Call Routing, Network Call Routing, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Voice Response Units (VRU), and Agent Performance Management. OnState ACD for Skype, the company's flagship product, integrates advanced call center tools into a single, partner-enabled and Web-embedded application, which delivers new-generation call centers that are cost-effective and value-driven for all business users. Visit

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